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Lesson Plan: Intellectual Dimension

This is an excerpt from Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults-2nd Edition by Debra Rose.

In celebration of National Nutrition Month and Brain Awareness Week, we will focus on activities that promote brain health, continue with our discussion of the benefits of foods high in antioxidants, and introduce other brain health foods for you to try.

Quotation of the Week

The more you use your brain, the more brain you will have to use. (George Dorsey)



Express to the clients that you hope they enjoyed last week's sampling of brain healthy nuts. Ask them if they have considered ways to incorporate more nuts into their diet for healthy fats and vitamin E. This activity can be introduced prior to the warm-up and clients can be asked to share how they plan to incorporate more nuts into their diets while holding those long stretches during the cool-down phase of the class.


Continuing with the theme of brain health, in today's class I will present a variety of brain games that will help you in the following ways:

  • Find words quickly and effortlessly
  • Sharpen your analytical skills
  • Strengthen your visual memory for shapes and colors
  • Stimulate problem-solving skills and improve focus and attention

A Look Ahead to Next Week

We will celebrate International Happiness Day, which occurs on March 20th.