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Human Kinetics publishes an array of educational resources that meet the needs of coaches, K-12 programs, and higher education professors. Review copies are provided free of charge to qualified faculty who are considering the text as a required course text. If you are planning to use it for personal/reference use, we do ask that it be purchased.

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Once you've decided to adopt a text, alert your bookstore and contact your sales rep to be sure you are granted access to any ancillaries.

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Print books may be ordered by providing your campus or local bookstore with the textbook title(s) and ISBN(s) for your course.

Select textbooks may also be ordered by your bookstore in ebook format. Contact your sales representative to request the ISBN.

Select texts also include digital components such as an online student resource or a study guide that may be available for order by your bookstore as a separate component. Please check with your sales representative for product-specific information about digital components.

Most of our textbooks come with instructor ancillaries. Find out more about our ancillary materials.

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