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Create the Right Motivational Climate and Culture

How can coaches improve the motivational climate of their teams? Nichols’ (1984) Achievement Goal Theory (AGT) provides a blueprint.

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Previous Sporting Experiences and Desire to Coach Disability Sport

To bridge the gap in coaching research and to develop an understanding of coaches in disability sport, Cregan, Bloom, and Reid (2007) offered one of the first examinations of the career evolution and knowledge of elite coaches in disability sport.

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The Lost Continuum of Physical Education and Sport

In the past, in many countries, sport coaching training had connections with physical education teacher training. Currently, these bonds are often tenuous at best.

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Intermediate Team Building Challenges: Frankenstein Challenge

This beat-the-clock challenge reinforces the structure of the human anatomy. It uses the same skeleton equipment as General Hospital, Emergency Room does.

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Introductory Team Building Challenges: Riverboat Challenge

Riverboat is an introductory challenge that requires a group to transport itself across a large, open space.

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