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Artistic Leadership

This is an excerpt from Careers in Dance by Ali Duffy.Serving a company as a leader is a massive responsibility—one that also comes with a multitude of benefits, including the ability to propel your artistry, develop and pursue an artistic vision, and support fellow artists in working toward a collective mission. Whether your goal is to fill an existing artistic or executive director role or to found your own company or organization, artistic leadership is a huge undertaking that demands rigorous preparation and consideration before pursuing it as a career. This need for considerable training often translates to artistic leaders...

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Dance as an Entrepreneurial Journey

This is an excerpt from Careers in Dance by Ali Duffy. Betsy Struxness Broadway performer (Hamilton, Matilda, Leap of Faith, Memphis, Wicked) What have been your most significant experiences as a working professional in dance? Hamilton. For good and hard reasons. The good is that I could never have imagined being involved in and helping create such an amazing piece of art, let alone in a commercial setting where original and different and diverse aren't necessarily the things that sell tickets. The bad is that the business side of that show [removed] any shine I [still perceived] about the industry....

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Entrepreneurial Journey Reflection

This is an excerpt from Careers in Dance by Ali Duffy.Strengths Analysis Conducting an analysis of your strengths and experiences will help align your abilities and knowledge with a career path or paths that will lead you to success and satisfaction. Start by generating a list of your strengths and areas of experience or expertise, both inside and outside of the dance discipline. Then, create separate lists of necessary strengths for each specific career path you are interested in pursuing. Notice the commonalities and discrepancies among your lists. How do these lists inform you about your preparedness and aptitude for...

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Benefits of Strength Training

This is an excerpt from Christian Paths to Health and Wellness 3rd Edition With Web Study Guide-Loose-Leaf Edition by .Although you may not have competitive aspirations regarding your strength, you may have considered pumping iron to shape and firm your body. This chapter outlines the following five major benefits of strength training: Shapes your body Helps boost fat-burning metabolism Assists in building strong bones Reduces risk of neuromuscular injury Enhances functional capacity Shapes Your Body A common misconception among women is that if they lift weights, they will experience muscular hypertrophy. Simply put, hypertrophy means muscle enlargement and is the...

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Healing and Recovery from Eating Disorders

This is an excerpt from Christian Paths to Health and Wellness 3rd Edition With Web Study Guide-Loose-Leaf Edition by .Genesis 1:26 confirms that God created each person in his image, with an identity that is both physical and spiritual. Ephesians 1:5 says that Christians have the special privilege of being adopted into God's family. God wants people to know the truth—him. John 8:32 states, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” God's truth is that he loves all people unconditionally. He wants people to know that, even when they feel unlovable and worthless, they...

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