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Augmented feedback and motor learning

Researchers have explored another area of motor learning, the role of augmented feedback in skill acquisition. When individuals move, they receive sensory feedback from the various receptors in their bodies (see chapter 13 for a more complete discussion of the development of sensation).

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Motor competence, activity, fitness, and body composition

Although a few publications before 2008 spoke to the interrelationships among motor competence, activity, fitness, and body composition, it was an article published by leaders in the field of motor development, Stodden, Goodway, Langendorfer, Roberton, Rudisill, Garcia, and Garcia (2008), that gave impetus to the study of these interrelated factors.

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The link between perceived and actual motor competence

There is an old saying that “perception is reality”; in our context, this suggests there is a connection between what individuals perceive their motor capabilities are and how they actually move.

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Developing a marketing strategy for your worksite health program

Marketing is defined as an aggregate of functions involved in moving goods from producer to consumer.

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Implemeting and maintaining successful e-health initiatives

Today, more people are turning to the Internet for health information. According to a nationwide randomized telephone survey of adults, of the hundreds of millions of people who surf the Internet daily, more than 70% use the resource for personal health information.

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