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Building a web presence for your facility

Some will say it has never been easier, faster, and more effective to reach customers since the creation of the World Wide Web. On the other hand, I feel it has also never been more time consuming, challenging, and cumbersome.

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Creating Excitement for Your Project

Once your aquatics project is approved, you will enter the design phase for the facility. Be sure to go back to the work you did through the public process, focus groups, and surveys, and do your best to keep your promises.

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Entertaining events that promote your facility

Municipal facilities and small corporate facilities that have tight budgets may not be able to hire quality musical entertainment or performers. That’s OK, because I propose that there’s a fail-safe way to entertain your guests without the expense of professional entertainers.

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What is the center?

In Pilates, centering yourself means more than finding your center of gravity; it means uniting body, mind, and spirit. (Isacowitz 2014, 9)

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Teach your players how to shoot a ball

Nothing puts greater pressure on the defense than shots on goal, so your players should become comfortable with the skill of shooting.

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