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The methodologies of the Overload System and how to program them effectively

Christian Thibaudeau and Tom Sheppard ©2024
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The Overload System uses strength training methods that allow you to use maximal and supra-maximal weights to achieve the strongest neurological adaptations, and thus strength gains, as possible.

In this webinar Christian Thibaudeau and Tom Sheppard, authors of The Overload System for Strength, will discuss the most effective methods for strength training and discuss:  

  • the neurological carryover method
  • clusters
  • eccentric overloads
  • functional isometrics

The authors will also demonstrate how to use the principles and methodologies covered in the Overload System to create a full, periodized training program, including how to add a peaking block to allow you to perform your best during competition. Plus, learn how to structure your training program around the progressive range of motion system and integrate strength training methods including isometronics, loaded stretching and heavy partials to see maximal results.