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What Makes Rocket Yoga Unique?

This is an excerpt from Rocket® Yoga by David Kyle.

Although it is rooted in the foundation of ashtanga yoga, three characteristics set the Rocket style apart from other vinyasa flow or power yoga styles.


The Rocket sequences are set routines that offer a solid foundation from which creativity can flourish. This creates continuity between Rocket yoga students and teachers worldwide by providing a base sequence that is agreed on. This unique sequencing is a thread that runs through the entire series from standing to seated asanas. From this standardized sequence, optional transitions and additional asanas can be added to offer more detail that is specific to the teacher’s chosen physical focus. This makes the Rocket sequences some of the most versatile vinyasa sequences, offering teachers a place to authentically share their strengths and create an experience unique to each student’s needs.


Considered an all-inclusive practice, Rocket yoga breaks through common areas of tension, habitual patterns, and energy blockages to combat one’s tendencies toward stagnancy and resistance in the body. Grounding forward folds are balanced by expansive backbends. Handstands and arm balance variations keep the energy levels high and encourage students to connect to their inner power and shift their perspective. Spinal twisting, hip openers, and core-strengthening exercises create a well-balanced and uplifting sequence of postures. Rocket yoga has gained global recognition as a complete, feel-good practice that challenges the student, opens the body, and clears the mind.


Rocket yoga introduces the vigorous practice of ashtanga yoga to the masses by providing a standard class format and allowing access to the benefits of the ashtanga postures without requiring feats of flexibility or strength. Poses are offered by the teacher according to each student’s abilities, not the rigid hierarchy of poses in classical ashtanga. Accessible to all levels, the Rocket style provides modifications to beginners and variations that challenge even the most advanced students, allowing the benefits to be felt by all.

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