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Ready-Made Workouts

This is an excerpt from Stronger Legs & Lower Body by Tim Bishop.

The following are common programs that may be used for various situations, such as when you are trying to develop strength, size, or endurance in a specific muscle or muscle group, or when time is short. You can use these ready-made workouts instead of your current program, or in addition to your current program, as a means of mixing things up. Feel free to make substitutions for specific exercises if you have an injury or if you simply do not like a particular movement. Use the specified number of sets and reps for each exercise as a guideline rather than an absolute prescription. Make sure you are warmed up properly before going into these routines. Do 1 or 2 sets of the first exercise in each program as a warm-up to make sure you are ready to dive right in at a fairly high intensity.

Troubleshooting Routines

Everyone has weak areas that need improvement. These troubleshooting routines address specific problem areas such as small quads, skinny calves, and flat glutes. You will also find routines that save time, allow you to work on cardiorespiratory training, and focus on strength development. By reviewing chapters 2 and 3, you can also design your own routines using these general guidelines to meet your specific goals. With the templates provided, along with your personal designs, the variations that can be created are almost endless.

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