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Limit injuries with good stroke technique

This is an excerpt from Playing Tennis After 50 eBook by Kathy Woods & Ron Woods.

Tennis Technique and the Body

Watch a competent senior player on the court. Typically, he will use sound technique that minimizes the shock to his body. Grips, swings, and court movement will be efficient and measured and seemingly require little effort.

(The following four) scenarios are typical issues for tennis players. The good news is that they can be avoided by developing and practicing sound body mechanics through proper tennis technique. A certified, experienced teaching professional can help you prevent these types of problems. Seek counsel and periodically spend time improving your skills under the watchful eye of a trusted coach. It will be well worth your while to make the investment in order to prevent body aches and pains caused by poor or flawed tennis technique.

Female players will likely take these suggestions to heart and schedule time with a trusted coach. Male players, well that's another story. Many male tennis players consider themselves to be at least somewhat athletic and are self-taught players for the most part. They pick up ideas from each other, watch professional players, and develop their own style of play. When they have time to play tennis, they want to play and compete rather than take a lesson.

The problem with this approach is that technique errors become magnified over time as the body ages. Players become more susceptible to injury and require longer recovery time. Guys, just swallow your pride and schedule some time with a coach. We promise you that you'll love learning to play better and you'll forestall most overuse injuries.

When you do consult a coach, make sure you have an idea what your trouble spots are. If you are not sure, explain that you would like your coach to evaluate your overall game and then together make a plan for technique adjustments.

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