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Knock it out - a high variation game

This is an excerpt from Physical Activities for Young People With Severe Disabilities by Lindsay Canales & Rebecca Lytle.


Primary Concept

Eye-hand coordination


Secondary Concepts

Rolling; aim, force, accuracy


Activity Goal

To roll a small ball at a larger ball to knock it out of a designated area.



Beach balls; tape for marking a designated circle; small balls that roll well; bowling ramp (if applicable)



Create a circle on the ground approximately 30 feet (9 m) in diameter. Place one beach ball in the center of the circle. Have the students sit or stand around the outside of the circle.



1. Have the students roll the small ball at the beach ball in the center of the circle one at a time.

2. Have the students continue to take turns rolling the small ball at the beach ball until the beach ball has been knocked out of the designated circle.

3. Add beach balls to the center of the circle and have students try to knock all of the beach balls out of the circle.


Low Variations

Use a bowling ramp to help students roll the ball. Use a hand-over-hand technique (physically assist). Have the students push the ball from their laps. Have students verbalize how they want to be positioned to make contact with the beach ball.


High Variations

Have students focus on using bowling form (i.e., releasing the ball low to the ground). Encourage students to use strategies for knocking the ball out of the circle (line up, bend knees, etc.). Have higher-level students assist others.


Informal Assessment Questions

Is the student able to contact the larger ball with the smaller ball? Is the student able to release the smaller ball in a rolling motion?