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How this tool can enhance the quality of coaching

This is an excerpt from International Sport Coaching Framework Version 1.2 by International Council of Coaching Excellence (ICCE), Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) & Leeds Beckett University.

Create High-Quality Coach Education and Development Programmes

The ultimate objective is to support the effort to further enhance the quality of coaching in different sports and countries. The Framework is not mandatory, but it presents a series of practice- and research-supported principles and tools that may be applied to specific contexts. Coach education and development programmes that follow the recommendations will bolster coaches' competence, which will benefit athletes at all levels.

The ISCF provides a transparent tool that assists in the design of new programmes and benchmarking or aligning existing programmes (see figure 10.1).

This tool can be used in a number of circumstances:

  • Coach education and development programme providers can compare their own qualifications with an internationally recognised framework regarding learning outcomes. This may be particularly relevant in the connection between the systems that operate worldwide as well as between federation and higher education qualifications.
  • Coaching organisations and those employing and deploying coaches can more effectively assess the competences of coaches coming from different sports or nations and in specific roles. This will assist in the recognition of coaching qualifications and prior learning as well as in the identification of gaps in competency.
  • Nations or federations looking to develop new systems or qualifications can use the ISCF to help determine standards of coach qualification for each level and the necessary content to fulfil the associated requirements.
  • Those who train and employ coaches can use the competences defined in the ISCF as an assessment and development tool for their coaches, leading to the identification of training needs.
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