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Grip selection and location

This is an excerpt from Weight Training-5th Edition by Thomas R. Baechle & Roger W. Earle.

Lifting Fundamentals Drill 1. 
Grip Selection and Location

This drill involves lifting an empty bar or a dowel stick from the floor using the three types of grips in the three grip-width positions described on pages 17 and 18. When completing this drill, you should position your hands so that the bar is balanced when being pulled to the thighs.

Using the wide grip width (see figure 2.10) and an overhand grip (see figure 2.8a), lift the bar to the thighs and then lower it back to the floor using correct lifting techniques. Lift the bar twice more to your thighs, using first the underhand grip (see figure 2.8b) and then the alternated grip (see figure 2.8c).

Now move your hands to the common grip width and use the three different types of grips. Next move your hands to the narrow grip width and do the same. Perform all grips with your thumbs around the bar. Check off each correctly performed grip and grip width.

Success Check

  • Establish the proper hand spacing.
  • Keep your thumbs around the bar.
  • Remember the names of the grips.

Score Your Success

Complete three overhand grips with correct technique = 3 points

Complete three underhand grips with correct technique = 3 points

Complete three alternated grips with correct technique = 3 points

Your score ___