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Games to help children succeed - Trading Places

This is an excerpt from PE Connections by Thomas Fleming & Lisa Bunting.

Content Connections

Locomotor skills, directions, pathways, levels

Ready for Action

• A set of action cards (each card specifies one locomotor movement and one pathway; for example, a card might state, "Skip in a curved pathway" or "Gallop straight ahead")

• Students scattered in general space

• Music

Let’s Play

Each student draws an action card. When the music starts, she or he performs the activity on the card, moving safely in the general space. When the music stops, she or he quickly assumes a back-to-back position with a nearby student. When the music resumes, students swap cards and perform the new action until the music stops.

Crank It Up

Add a modifier to the movement specified on the action card. For example, the card might say, "Walk quietly in a curved path" or "Jog slowly in a zigzag pattern."

Gear It Down

The teacher reads one card for the entire class, and the students perform the action while the music plays.

Asset Action

Cultural competence (asset 34) and interpersonal competence (asset 33)-Trading Places makes a game of finding partners quickly and dealing with them politely. Encourage the students to go to a different partner each time, so that they don’t just go to their closest friends each time.

Coordinated School Health Links

Teacher Tip-Asset building requires consistent messages. As discussed in chapter 4, a coordinated school health program ensures that parents and teachers can work together to let children know that they are valued and supported. Whether your school has a coordinated health program or not, a good way to get parents involved in the PE program and asset building is to send parents a letter about asset building and then use assets as springboards for discussions in conferences with parents and students.


This is an excerpt from PE Connections.