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Develop laterality, locomotor skills, and motor planning

This is an excerpt from Perceptual-Motor Activities for Children With Web Resource by Jill Johnstone & Molly Ramon.

Unilateral Activities

Week 5
Station 7

See this activity as it appears in the book.

Skills Developed

Laterality, locomotor skills, motor planning



Using jump ropes or tape on the floor, create a series of lines in a pattern similar to that of spokes on a wheel (see diagram). Place active learning cards (in any order) in each space between the lines.


Hop over the lines, taking off and landing with the same foot. On each landing, say the letter or picture shown on the card. Go around once and then repeat with your other foot. If your teacher asks you to, change directions.

Skill Check

Make sure that the student uses proper hopping form:

  • Swing your non-weight-bearing leg like a pendulum to produce power.
  • On landing, keep the foot of your non-weight-bearing leg behind your body.
  • Bend your arms and swing them forward to produce power.

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