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Committing to Your Practice

This is an excerpt from Rocket® Yoga by David Kyle.

While practice is recommended six days a week, most practitioners need to work up to this level. If you do not already have a physical daily practice, it is not recommended that you go directly into practicing six days a week.

Start by committing to three days a week. Three days is enough to feel the benefits of the practice and build the stamina needed to add to your practice. By practicing every couple of days, your body will also retain the benefits from your previous practice. It is difficult to see progress in your own practice if you practice fewer than three days a week. If you can practice only three times a week or less, practice the classic ashtanga primary series (either modified or half primary) or practice Rocket 1. Try to practice at the same time each day. Creating a ritual will help to ingrain the practice into your daily life. Once you are comfortable practicing three times a week and you begin to see improvements with the flow and sequence of the practice, add a day. You will know if adding another practice is right when you have the energy to do another practice, you are not overly sore from the previous practice, and you mentally feel ready to do more. Work your way to six days a week, remembering that there is always one day off each week, and moon days or ladies holidays can be observed (moon days and ladies holidays are discussed in chapter 11).

Sample Practice Schedules When Practicing Three Days a Week and Six Days a Week

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