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Band triceps pushdown

This is an excerpt from Complete Conditioning for Football by Aaron Wellman.

The band triceps pushdown is used to develop the triceps muscles in addition to the muscles of the forearm responsible for extending the arm at the elbow joint.


  1. Start standing by a band that has been attached to a lifting rack or pull-up bar above, holding the band to where the hands are approximately at the level of the shoulders and chest (see figure a).
  2. Without rounding the back, keep the chest tall and extend the arms into a fully straightened position (see figure b).
  3. Hold and pause in this extended position for a full second before controlling the band back up to the starting position.

Recommended volume range for hypertrophy: 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions or 30-35 seconds of time under tension

Figure 6.8 Band triceps pushdown.
Figure 6.8 Band triceps pushdown.

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