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Up-and-down board for students of all abilities

This is an excerpt from Build It So They Can Play by Teresa Sullivan,Cindy Slagle,T.J. Hapshie,Debbie Brevard & Vic Brevard.

Up-and-Down Board

  • Need and Disability

This is an activity for students of all abilities. Students with emerging skills will work on balance, eye-hand coordination, visual tracking, response, timing, and perception.

  • Tools

Hand saw or electric saw, screwdriver, hammer, tape measure

  • Supplies

1 piece of pine wood 1 by 5-1/2 by 28 inches

1 2-inch PVC pipe 5-1/2 inches long

1 piece of pine wood 1 by 2 by 5½ inches

1 cylinder for placement of objects

1 box 1/2-inch screws

1 box 1/2-inch nails

2 pieces of soft foam or rubber 5 by 5 inches

1 cylinder-type cup

1 can of indoor/outdoor paint of your choice

  • Instructions

1. Nail 1-by-2-by-5-1/2-inch board to bottom of 28-inch board approximately 8 to 9 inches from one end.

2. Cut PVC pipe in half lengthwise.

3. Attach PVC to the bottom of 28-inch board by screwing into trim piece added in step 1.

4. Screw one piece of soft foam or rubber to the bottom of each end of the 28-inch board; this will help cut down on the noise when it is used.

5. Paint board a bright color if desired.

6. Using two 1/2-inch screws, attach cylinder-type cup to top of 28-inch board at opposite end of PVC (on bottom). This will assist in holding a large or small ball while attempting to stomp and catch.

  • Ideas for Using This Equipment
    • Use in obstacle course or station activity. A student places the object on the cylinder and stomps the end of the board, catching object in the air.
    • Help student set object on board.
    • Use a bigger ball or object so the student is successful in catching the object.
    • You could stomp on board for the student and let the student catch the object.
    • You could let student stomp on the board and you or a partner catch the object.
    • As a baseball lead-up, pop ball up and catch with glove.
  • Modifications

Length, width, height, and number of each beam can vary depending on the need.

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