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See the Chop and Rotation

This is an excerpt from Smarter Recovery by Pete McCall.


The rotation of the trunk combined with a lateral shift of the hips can help improve mobility of the hips and thoracic spine while strengthening the muscles responsible for controlling these parts of the body. The rotational movement of the hips and spine feels good the day after a hard running workout when these muscles are sore.


  1. Set the cable pulley above shoulder height and stand so the pulley is above the left shoulder. Hold the handle in both hands, with your right hand down first. Step back from the cable and move to your right so that your hands are directly in line with the cable pulley (a).
  2. With the left side of your body closest to the pulley, shift your weight into your left hip; push your left foot into the ground as you rotate your hands in front of your body while shifting your weight into your right leg.
  3. Keep both arms in front of your body as you rotate your torso, turning to face right; as you turn to your right, keep both feet planted on the ground. While shifting your weight into your right hip, turn your shoulders to the right. All your weight should be in your right hip (b). Slowly turn back to your left to return to the starting position.
  4. Complete 10 to 15 repetitions on each side.

Correct Your Form

Keep your spine long and tall so that it can experience optimal mobility in the transverse plane. Pressing your plant leg (the left leg in the example above) into the ground will allow the other leg to rotate more efficiently.

Chop and Rotation

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