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Sample Game: Respect Tag

This is an excerpt from Teaching Children Responsible Behavior by Sandra Hagenbach.


  • 6 dice cards (on the CD, Level 1 Respect\Activities\Respect Tag). I have two dice with clear pockets on all sides into which I place the cards. If you don't have pocket dice, you could tape the cards to a die or mount the tag cards on a wall and assign corresponding numbers that students would use when rolling a standard die.
  • 2 deck rings for taggers representing Level 0
  • 3 to 6 balls
  • 1 or 2 targets such as a laundry basket
  • 15 to 20 bean bags in a container
  • Some cones or poly spots to mark off the “show respect, get back in” area
  • The song “Respect” from Aretha Franklin to start and stop the game


Students are scattered with one or two taggers. Depending on the students' skill level, you may have your students gallop and slide instead of run during the tag game. Remind them to show respect for the rules by being honest. If they fall down, crash, or go out of bounds, they must send themselves to the “show respect, get back in” area. If they are tagged by a Level 0 tagger, they must also go to the “show respect, get back in” area. When in the “show respect, get back in” area, students roll the dice and follow the directions to re-enter the game:

The following are the dice card directions:

  • Rules: Be honest. Throw three balls into the target without stepping over the line.
  • Equipment: Put it away and do not play. Pick up three beanbags and put them away.
  • Self: Be active and be safe. Do 10 jumping jacks without hitting anyone.
  • People: Be a friend. Give two people a high five.
  • Every Child: Include every child and don't go wild. Safely find a person you do not play with often and tell him something nice.
  • Teacher: Listen to her and follow directions. Tell the teacher what each letter in the word respect stands for (the chant from the dance): rules, equipment, self, people, every child, and the teacher.

Once the task described on the die is completed, students may return to the game. Students enjoy learning the chant. It is a fun challenge, like learning to say supercalafragilisticexpialadocious. See who can say the respect chant the fastest!

First graders may need some reminders on what the activity is for each card. Most second graders should be able to read the directions. I do not use this game with kindergarteners at the beginning of the year.

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