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Press break 4-3

This is an excerpt from WBCA Offensive Plays & Strategies by Women's Basketball Coaches Association.

Press Break 4-3

Felisha Legette-Jack



To break a full- or three-quarter-court zone press.

When to Use

Against a full- or three-quarter-court zone press.

Key Personnel

Your 3 player should have good hands, be an effective dribbler, and make good decisions with the ball.


  1. 1 flashes toward the strong-side corner while 2 cuts toward the weak-side corner. 4 throws to either 1 or 2. If 1 catches the ball, 3 flashes middle from the weak side and receives the ball while 2 runs the sideline (figure 1).
  2. 4 replaces 2 as the safety. 3 looks opposite for 2 running downcourt. If 2 is not open, she can attack the basket using the dribble or reverse the ball to 4. If she passes to 4, 5 continues to occupy the middle, looking for the ball back to advance it (figure 2).

Points of Emphasis

The timing of 3’s flash from the weak side should neither make her late or cause her to wait for the ball. She must focus on catching the ball before looking upcourt.

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