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One-arm kettlebell press

This is an excerpt from Exercise Technique Manual for Resistance Training 4th Edition With HKPropel Online Video by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association.

Starting Position

  • Follow the starting position, backward movement, and forward/upward movement guidelines of the one-arm kettlebell clean exercise to get in the correct starting position for this exercise. (Note that although the photos for this exercise show the kettlebell held in the left hand and those for the one-arm kettlebell clean exercise show the kettlebell held in the right hand, the same overall technique guidelines apply to both exercises.)
  • All repetitions begin from this position.

Upward Movement

  • Begin the exercise by flexing the left shoulder and extending the left elbow to press the kettlebell overhead. The right arm remains at the right side of the body.
  • As the kettlebell is pressed overhead, externally rotate the left shoulder so that the left wrist and forearm move from a neutral position to a pronated position with the left elbow fully extended.
  • Keep the spine neutral and the eyes looking forward. Do not allow the spine to flex laterally during the upward movement.

Downward Movement

  • Allow the kettlebell to lower slowly and under control back to the starting position; do not flex the torso forward as the kettlebell is lowered.
  • As the kettlebell is lowered, internally rotate the left shoulder so that the left wrist and forearm move back to the starting, neutral position.
  • After completing a set with the left hand holding the kettlebell, repeat the exercise with the right hand holding the kettlebell.

One-arm kettlebell press