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Myofascial release for scar tissue and adhesion management

This is an excerpt from Myofascial Release 2nd Edition With HKPropel Online Video by Ruth Duncan.

MFR is used to treat restrictions and adhesions throughout the three-­dimensional fascial network due to the dysfunction and pain caused by surgery or skin incision injury, or from overuse, misuse or abuse of the body. ­Because MFR treats body-­wide dysfunction and pain, it is also effective and appropriate for the treatment of scar tissue and adhesion management.

Whilst surgery can cause a huge amount of scar tissue and adhesions, the invisible restrictions and adhesions throughout the body as a result of that incision injury or surgery can also cause ongoing system-­wide dysfunction. An old hip injury, many years ­later, can cause restrictions and dysfunction in the ankle or shoulder due to compensatory patterns and fascial adhesions.

Scar tissue and adhesions from any injury creep throughout the system, sticking to pain-­sensitive structures and causing tissues to adhere together. Often, nerves grow into the site of the adhesion or become enmeshed within the pull and drag of the adhesion, which then becomes painful.

The scar pictured in figure 10.1 shows how the tissue is dif­fer­ent to the surrounding tissue. Skin scar tissue ­doesn’t have hair follicles and is much paler than normal due to a reduced vascular supply.

Figure 10.1 A mature scar.
Figure 10.1 A mature scar.

This adherence creates further adhesions, compounding the dysfunction and creating a myriad of conditions.

Scar tissue can also cause more than just a physical effect on the body. Many ­people suffer from the emotional component of the original injury or surgery (i.e., the reason for the surgery or the cause of the injury), but the subsequent trauma, strain and stress as a result of the ongoing pain, discomfort and upset create a host of additional prob­lems. Even the smallest scar, keyhole, injection site or incision can eventually create havoc within the delicate structures of the abdominal organs, nerves and blood vessels, which in turn can create so many of the symptoms seen in the treatment room.

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