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Example Skill Variations for different movement patterns

This is an excerpt from Functional Strength Training for Physical Education With HKPropel Access by Nate J. VanKouwenberg.

Countless skill variations can be considered for each movement pattern and performance focus category. Fitness professionals may have slight differences of opinion based on their experience and general philosophies, because skill variation lists can be quite subjective. In addition, these lists often evolve over time based on trial and error, logistics, and the discovery or creation of new exercise variations. For the purposes of this book, which focuses on the PE setting, we will stick with the fundamental variations for each focus category. Tables 4.1 to 4.11 present variation lists for each movement pattern and performance focus. Lateralizations, where listed, are used in addition to, not in place of, the primary skill variation.

By no means are the variation lists in tables 4.1 to 4.11 set in stone or the only acceptable order of exercises, but I can justify the skill progressions based on years of personal experience in the physical education and sport performance settings.

Table 4.1 Knee-Dominant Exercises (Squats and Lunges), Table 4.2 Hip Hinge, Table 4.3 Upper Body Push (Horizontal)

Table 4.4 Upper Body Push (Vertical), Table 4.5 Upper Body Pull (Horizontal), Table 4.6 Upper Body Pull (Vertical), Table 4.7 Power

Table 4.8 Core Stability (Anti-extension), Table 4.9 Core Stability (Anti-flexion or Loaded Carry), Table 4.10 Core Stability (Anti-rotation), Table 4.11 Core Stability (Anti–Lateral Flexion)

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