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Enhanced Physical Education – Hive Active Game

This is an excerpt from Promoting Elementary School Physical Activity by Russell R. Pate & Ruth P. Saunders.

Type: Physical education

Target grades: 1-3

Equipment: 8 to 10 hoops or mats

Description: Before beginning the activity, scatter 8 to 10 hoops or gymnasium mats around the activity space; they represent the beehives. Divide participants into groups of four or five. Groups travel together around the activity space as directed (e.g., walk, skip, hop, jog). When you call out “Honey time,” each group moves to the beehive; and all participants try to fit into the hoop or onto the mat. Repeat the activity, each time removing one hoop or mat. More than one group can be on each hoop or mat, and groups should work together to include all members. Provide safe distances between hoops. Remind participants to keep their heads up and to be aware of others when moving through the space.

Variations: To decrease the challenge,

  • use larger hoops or mats.
  • create smaller groups.
  • offer no time limit on the activity.

To increase the challenge,

  • use smaller hoops or mats.
  • provide a time limit for fitting into the hoop or onto the mat.

Adapted by permission from H. Gardner, Physical Literacy on the Move. Games for Developing Confidence and Competence in Physical Activity (Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2017).

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