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Drill: Varying Practice Locations

This is an excerpt from Archery Drill Book, The by Steve Ruis & Michael Gerard.


This drill helps you adapt to different shooting venues.

Signs It Is Needed

If your scores drop or rise in some locations but not others, this drill will help determine why.

How to Do It

Identify all the shooting halls in your vicinity. Arrange to shoot a practice round at each of the locations, one after another, so that you shoot at all of them once within a short period such as a month or so. Compare the scores with typical scores you shoot at your home practice facility. Take notes. Were there things that bothered you, affecting your scores (lighting, noise, people talking)? Note how you felt: Were you shooting well or were you “off”?

Identify, if possible, the environmental factors that contribute to lower or higher scores. Ideally you want none of the negative factors to affect you. See if you can incorporate any positive effects into your shot.


If you shoot a multi-spot target face, determine the score on each spot to see if there is a spot bias. Also, control for faces being placed high or low. All faces should be in the same location (high or low) at each of the venues.

Make it a game