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Developing Sport Performance at Secondary Level: Lesson Plan for Soccer Defending the Goal

This is an excerpt from Teaching Sport Concepts and Skills 4th Edition With HKPropel Access by Stephen A. Mitchell,Judith L. Oslin & Linda L. Griffin.

Lesson 38

Secondary Level V

Tactical Problem Defending the goal

Lesson Focus Goalkeeping—distributing the ball

Objective Distribute quickly, accurately, and efficiently.


Setup 4v2 (three defenders plus one goalkeeper versus two attackers) in a penalty area (approximately 20 by 40 yards; figure 15.57)

Figure 15.57
Figure 15.57


  • As a defender, move away from the goalkeeper to provide an outlet for the goalkeeper.
  • As the goalkeeper, use effective distribution to get the ball away from the goal.
  • As an attacker, win the ball and shoot.


  • The attacker feeds the ball to the goalkeeper from 20 yards.
  • The goalkeeper may not kick the ball out.


Q: Whom should the goalkeeper give the ball to?

A: The first available player.

Q: How should the goalkeeper give the ball?

A: Roll it if possible.

Q: Why is rolling best?

A: It gets the ball to the ground quickly. It is easier to receive and control a rolling ball than a bouncing ball.


Setup Partner practice, rolling, overarm throws

Goal Distribute quickly and accurately so the receiver can easily control the ball.


  • Roll the ball firmly and flat.
  • Keep your arm straight during overarm throws for increased distance.
  • Use a bent-arm throw for speed.


Repeat game 1.

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