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Connect the dots!

This is an excerpt from Soccer Practice Games 3rd Edition eBook by Joseph A. Luxbacher.

Minutes: 10

Players: Unlimited (in groups of 5 to 8)

Objectives: To develop passing and receiving skills when moving throughout a field area; to improve endurance

Setup: Use markers to outline a 30-yard by 40-yard playing area for each group. Players begin within this area. Assign each player in a group a number beginning with 1 and continuing through the number of players in the group. Two players in each group have a ball to begin.

Procedure: All players begin moving within their group area. Each group will work on completing a circuit by passing the ball from a lower numbered player to the next numbered player. For example: player 1 always passes to player 2, player 2 to 3, and so on. The highest numbered player in the group passes to player 1 to complete the circuit and connect all of the dots. Begin the play by having those players with a ball dribble; those without a ball continually reposition to make themselves available to receive a pass from the player numbered below him. All players are expected to move continuously during the exercise as they pass to the teammate numbered above them and receive passes from the teammate numbered below them.

Scoring: None

Practice tips: The game should flow continuously as players dribble, pass, and receive the ball. Encourage players not to stop the ball completely as they receive it; rather, they should receive and control the ball in the direction (space) of their next movement. Make the game more challenging by placing restrictions on players (such as having them pass with only their weakest foot or with only the outside or instep surface of the foot).


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