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Build tap steps with two sounds

This is an excerpt from Beginning Tap Dance With Web Resource by Lisa Lewis.

Tap Steps With Two Sounds

The following steps all have two sounds and build from the previous steps.


The ball-change is one of the most used dance steps. With a ball-change you know that there will always be a weight transfer (change) while using the ball of the foot. To perform a ball-change you simply change feet on the balls of the feet. You can perform this step in various ways: crossed in back, crossed in front, back to front, apart, or front to back. This step is done with an uneven rhythm.


A flap is a combination of a brush and a step. You can perform it to the front, back, or side.


The slap is like the flap, but it has no weight transfer. Slaps can be performed to the front, side, or back.


“Shuffle Off to Buffalo” was a song sang in the 1933 film of the musical 42nd Street. Shuffles are simple brushes in any direction.

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