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Box Hockey for students with and without intellectual disabilities

This is an excerpt from Build It So They Can Play by Teresa Sullivan,Cindy Slagle,T.J. Hapshie,Debbie Brevard & Vic Brevard.

Box Hockey

  • Need and Disability

This is a game for students with and without intellectual disabilities. Game strategies and competition come into play with the higher-level students. In students of lower skill levels, eye-hand coordination and upper-body strength are developed. For those of any skill level, the game combines teamwork with friendly competition.

  • Tools

Hand saw or electric saw, hammer, tape measure

  • Supplies

3 boards 1 inch by 6 inches by 8 feet

Box of 2-inch nails

2 1-inch dowel rods

1 nut (used as a puck—choose whatever size works best for your students, or get nuts in several sizes)

  • Instructions

1. Cut boards into two 4-foot lengths and four 3-foot lengths.

2. Cut half circle for goals on two of the 3-foot-long boards. You can use a 1-gallon paint can or coffee can as a template. Assemble as shown in the diagram.

3. Cut half circles in the two remaining 3-foot boards as shown in the diagram.

4. Hammer nails from the outside of frame to the two 4-foot-long boards aligning the 3-foot-long boards. Players can use dowel rods to hit the nut.

  • Ideas for Using This Equipment

Position one student on each side of box hockey frame with a dowel rod. Place the nut in the middle. Students hit the nut at the same time, trying to score a goal in end goals.

  • Modifications

Rather than a nut, use a slightly bigger object that might roll to assist with movement around the board (e.g., soda bottle cap, miniature plastic hockey puck).

Learn more about Build It So They Can Play.