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Basic pivot drills enhance ability to perform tight turns

This is an excerpt from Laura Stamm's Power Skating-4th Edition by Laura Stamm.

When performing pivot drills, hold the hockey stick with both hands, keeping the stick blade on the ice and in position to control a puck. Practice first without a puck, then with a puck.

360-Degree Pivots Around Pylons

Basic to Intermediate

Pivot 360 degrees around a series of pylons. After pivoting halfway around each pylon, execute a crossover (and the accompanying X-push). Accelerate through the exit phase of the pivot. Skate to the next pylon and pivot around it in the opposite direction. Alternate the direction of the pivot at each pylon, and stay as close to each pylon as possible (figure 9.21).

270-Degree Pivots Around Pylons

Basic to Intermediate

Practice 270-degree pivots around a pylon. Skate forward and pivot 270 degrees around the pylon. After the pivot, skate back in the opposite direction from which you came. At the midpoint of the pivot, do one crossover; accelerate out of the pivot.

Figure-Eight Pivots


Set up two pylons and practice 270-degree pivots in figure-eight patterns (figure 9.22).

Pivots at the Red Line

Intermediate to Advanced

Sprint forward from the goal line, staying just to the left of the midline of the rink. Just before reaching the center red line, pivot toward the sideboards on your left. Do not cross the midline of the rink before pivoting. Stay inside (toward the center of the ice) the face-off dots on the left side of the rink as you pivot, cross over, and skate forward to your starting place (figure 9.23).

Repeat the drill; start just to the right of the midline of the rink, and pivot toward the sideboards on your right.

This is an excerpt from Laura Stamm's Power Skating, Fourth Edition.