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Applying the Game Sense Model to Invasion Games: In and Out Game Example

This is an excerpt from Developing Game Sense in Physical Education and Sport by Ray Breed & Michael Spittle.

In and Out

Game Outcomes

  • Develop the knowledge and skills related to when and where to pass to draw the defender.
  • Develop the knowledge and skills related to when and where to move to receive the ball.

Game Description

  1. Start with four attackers spread around the outside of a square 10 × 10 metres.
  2. Inside the square is one attacker versus one defender.
  3. An attacker can move along each side unless they have the ball. The attacker cannot pass the ball across the square to the opposite side.
  4. The aim is for the attackers outside the square to pass the ball around until they can pass the ball to the attacker inside the square. The attackers must make at least three passes before attempting to pass inside.
  5. After the attacker inside the square receives the pass, they must pass the ball back out to a different attacker in order to score 1 point.
  6. The defender can touch the ball at any time to score 3 points.
  7. Aim to score as many in-and-out out passes in 30 seconds as possible. Rotate roles in sequence.

In and Out

Key Questions

  • How should you pass the ball? (Quickly around the outside to move the defender.)
  • When should you pass the ball inside? (When the attacker is clear of the defender.)
  • How can the defender minimise scoring? (Defend in front of the attacker inside the square.)

Task Constraint Modifications

  • Add another defender inside the square.
  • Add another attacker and defender inside the square to make it 2v2 inside.
  • Increase the size of the square.
  • Let the defender score 1 point for touching an outside attacker with the ball.

Group Organisation

Divide players into groups of eight; number each player 1 through 8, and rotate roles in sequence.


  • One netball, basketball, disc, rugby ball, or football per group
  • Four cones per group
  • Two bibs per group
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