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Aiming in bowfishing

This is an excerpt from Archery-5th Edition by Kathleen M. Haywood & Catherine F. Lewis.

Since bowfishers typically do not use sights, practice and experience aiming at fish in water are needed to develop the instinct for aiming quickly and accurately. While experience bowfishing helps in this process, it is possible to use a practice setting for additional experience. Take a gallon (4 L) plastic milk jug and weight it with some sand so that it will sink in the water. Attach a light rope to the handle and anchor it on shore or in your boat. This will allow you to retrieve the jug if your last shot misses. In shallow fishing water, throw the jug into the water and take a shot, remembering to aim below the jug. Your arrow might go all the way through the jug, so avoid pools and decorative fishponds with liners. Take six shots and record the points earned for the number of hits. If you hit the jug, reel it in, remove your arrow just as you would with a fish, and toss the jug into the water again.

To Increase Difficulty Throw the jug into water of varying depths. Throw the jug varying distances from your position. To Decrease Difficulty Use a shallow area approximately 12 inches (30 cm) deep. Toss the jug just a few feet away from your position. Success Check Relax your bow hand. Anchor consistently. Bend at the waist. Aim lower for farther and deeper shots. Score Your Success Hit the jug five or six times = 4 points Hit the jug three or four times = 2 points Hit the jug one or two times = 1 point Your score

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