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Training Workshop for Teachers

Six training sessions provide teachers with an overview of the Eat Well & Keep Moving program as well as a review of the curriculum’s classroom lessons. The training workshop is designed to last a total of six hours:

Session 1: Introduction to Eat Well & Keep Moving [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

Session 2: The Good Life—Wellness [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

Session 3: Eat Well & Keep Moving Principles of Healthy Living [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

Session 4: The Five Food Groups and Nutrition Facts [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

Session 5: The Safe Workout—Partner in Nutrition Education [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

Session 6: Review of Classroom Lessons [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

A shorter version of the teacher training (designed to be delivered in one 4.5-hour session or spread over two 2-hour sessions) is also available. Individual teachers can use this slide presentation to gain background information on Eat Well & Keep Moving and familiarize themselves with the lessons:

Teacher Training Introduction (Short Workshop) [Download PDF]

Short Workshop Training Session [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

Alignment to State Standards

This document aligns the lessons from the book with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.