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Food Service

Outside of physical education, there is no clearer tie-in to Eat Well & Keep Moving than school food services. Each school day, students eat at least one meal at school, providing an excellent opportunity to reinforce the curriculum’s messages about healthful eating.

Training Workshop for Food Service Staff

Six training modules for food service staff provide an overview of the Eat Well & Keep Moving program, focusing on the role of food services in making the link between classroom and cafeteria. An additional lunch break demonstrates some cafeteria dishes:

Module 1: Let's Eat Well & Keep Moving: An Introduction to the Program [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

Module 2: The Good Life—Wellness [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

Module 3: Eat Well & Keep Moving Principles of Healthy Living [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

Module 4: Tour de Health and Nutrition Facts [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

Module 5: The Cafeteria—Partner in Nutrition Education [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

Module 6: Classroom Units—What's Being Taught [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

Lunch Break: Eat Well & Keep Moving Lunch Break [Download PDF] [Download PPT]

Food Service Guide

The Food Service Guide is a resource for food service managers interested in making healthful changes to their school menus, including recipes, preparation tips, promotional materials, and classroom tie-ins.