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Eat Well Keep Moving

Eat Well & Keep Moving is a school-based program that equips children with the knowledge, skills, and supportive environment they need in order to lead healthier lives by choosing nutritious diets and being physically active. Designed for fourth- and fifth-grade students, its six interlinked components—classroom education, physical education, school-wide promotional campaigns, food services, staff wellness, and parent and community involvement—work together to create a supportive environment that promotes the learning of lifelong good habits.

  • Explore Eat Well & Keep Moving’s integrative, evidence-based approach.
  • Sample classroom and physical education lessons, and see how Eat Well & Keep Moving fits into existing subjects.
  • Learn about the key role of school food service in reinforcing program messages.
  • Check out tools for parent and family involvement.
  • Purchase the complete Eat Well & Keep Moving program.
  • Access the web resource.

Flexible and adaptable curriculum for promoting healthy behaviors throughout the school day.

Arming kids with the knowledge and tools to adopt healthy behaviors.