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Nutrition and Physical Activity Lessons

Eat Well & Keep Moving’s multidisciplinary school- and community-wide approach would not be possible without the investment of teachers. The classroom lessons on nutrition and physical activity are the cornerstone of the Eat Well & Keep Moving program.

Using a multidisciplinary teaching approach, the classroom lessons equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to choose a nutritious diet and be physically active both now and throughout their lives. Developed with elementary school teachers, these lessons are meant to be integrated into core subject areas, follow a format familiar to educators, meet educational standards, require minimal teacher training, and are easy to use:

Sample classroom lesson: Healthy Living [Download PDF]

Although effective on their own, the 28 classroom lessons (14 for each grade) also serve as a springboard for the many other activities of the Eat Well & Keep Moving program, including in-class and school-wide promotions, physical education microunits, and physical education lessons (designed to be taught by physical education teachers and complement the existing physical education curriculum):

Sample physical education lesson: Five-Foods Countdown [Download PDF]