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Permissions Information

Disability requests

Most disability requests from US and Canadian higher education institutions can be submitted through AccessText Network. If your school is an ATN member, please submit your request through your ATN portal. If your school is not an ATN member, e-mail your request, including title, edition, lead author, and ISBN, to

Foreign rights inquiries

For questions about translating our books into other languages, please contact Barry Johnson at

Publicity requests

If you would like to use Human Kinetics material in a promotional manner (book covers or excerpts in a magazine or newspaper article or on your website), contact your local office. For U.S. requests, please e-mail us at

Permission requests

With few exceptions, permission requests to reuse material from Human Kinetics journals and books should be submitted through the Copyright Clearance Center ( Exceptions include the following:

  • Requests that do not pertain to republication or academic/business use—for example, requests from volunteer coaches—may be submitted directly to Human Kinetics at
  • Requests from an author of a book published by Human Kinetics, which can be submitted either through the Copyright Clearance Center or directly to Human Kinetics at

To ensure that you provide all the necessary information when you submit a permission request directly to Human Kinetics, please use our permissions request form. NOTE: This form is only to be used if your request qualifies as an “exception,” as described above.

Questions about our permission process can also be submitted to

Republication requests submitted through the Copyright Clearance Center will be routed to Human Kinetics for evaluation. If complete information is provided, standard response time for these requests is one week.

Standard response time for permission requests submitted directly to Human Kinetics is three weeks. However, your request may take more or less time depending on the completeness of the information you provide.

Academic permission requests

For permission to photocopy material for use in coursepacks or classroom handouts, or to post and share content electronically in e-reserves, course management systems, e-coursepacks, or other e-learning environments, you may submit your request through the Copyright Clearance Center ( Requesters from the U.S. as well as other countries can use the Copyright Clearance Center. You may also contact your local reproduction rights organization. See

Information for Human Kinetics authors

Books: You need permission to reuse material from your book published by Human Kinetics. We require that you inform us of your plans to use your material elsewhere. Requests like this are usually granted and the fee is generally waived. However, we may deny a request to use substantial portions of your HK work in a competing work for another publisher. Please refer to your contract for details or contact us at

Journals: See for permission-related information for journal authors.