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Active at Home

  • JC Leg Crank

    JC Leg Crank

    This metabolic circuit was inspired by industry lead, Vern Gambetta,and provides superior leg training for the intermediate athlete who has a good base of conditioning. It is popular with all...

  • Sandbag exercises for metabolic conditioning

    Sandbag exercises for metabolic conditioning

    Like a medicine ball, a sandbag helps improve the strength of both muscle and elastic connective tissues because you can move a sandbag in multiple directions as opposed to moving...

  • Glute circuit

    Glute circuit

    The goal with glute circuits is not to get stronger over time or set personal records. This is not the time to be grinding out repetitions. Rather, focus on feeling...

  • Dumbbell Arm Blaster

    Dumbbell Arm Blaster

    This program from JC's Total Body Transformation is a specialized dumbbell-only workout for the arms. This a perfect workout for people who want to do a specialized workout at home...

  • Upper Body Strength Band Circuit Workout

    Upper Body Strength Band Circuit Workout

    In addition to using a repetition-based system of training, the circuit format lends itself very well to time-based training. Instead of using repetitions to establish the workload, individuals train for...

  • Medicine ball exercises for mobility

    Medicine ball exercises for mobility

    Mobility exercises with fitness equipment can provide more leverage to take a limb through a greater ROM while also increasing muscle fiber activation to help improve muscle contraction patterns. The...

  • Dumbbell exercises for mobility

    Dumbbell exercises for mobility

    Dumbbells can help improve muscle strength, and they can also be an effective tool for enhancing mobility because the weight can lengthen muscle and connective tissue while taking a limb...