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Timeless Running Wisdom

Timeless Running Wisdom

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    You run because you like the way it makes you feel in its best moments. You run with a goal of success and satisfaction. Wouldn’t you like to tap into those feelings more often?

    In Timeless Running Wisdom, longtime runner and author Rich Benyo takes you on a journey spanning the trends of the sport and the approaches, concepts, and methods that have bred success and satisfaction across generations of runners. Discover how to embrace simplicity; change up routes, distances, and terrains; keep your running in proportion to the rest of your life; and create your own adventure runs. It’s all here—practical, compelling, and fantastic.

    On this quest of rediscovery, you’ll be joined by an all-star array of world- and national-class runners with literally millions of miles of experience and wisdom, including:
    • Kathrine Switzer

    • Roger Robinson

    • Joe Henderson

    • Bill Rodgers

    • Dean Karnazes

    • Amby Burfoot

    • Joan Benoit-Samuelson
    Through their personal stories, insights, and advice, they illustrate the essence of running success and satisfaction and guide you to achieving your every running goal. With this unique perspective you’ll find the tools and the maps to run longer, safer, and better.

    The ultimate runner’s toolbox, Timeless Running Wisdom is also your GPS to the world’s oldest sport. Read this book and you will remember why you fell in love with running in the first place.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Embrace Simplicity
    Chapter 2: Tap the Athlete (Kathrine Switzer)
    Chapter 3: Keep It in Proportion (Amby Burfoot)
    Chapter 4: Maintain a Journal (Joe Henderson)
    Chapter 5: Take Your Measure by Racing (Hal Higdon)
    Chapter 6: Eschew Racing (Dick Beardsley)
    Chapter 7: Train Specifically (Mel Williams)
    Chapter 8: Don't Ignore Other Body Parts (Joan Benoit-Samuelson)
    Chapter 9: Run With a Plan
    Chapter 10: Run By Feel
    Chapter 11: Move Up in Mileage
    Chapter 12: Move Down in Mileage
    Chapter 13: Create Adventure Runs (Dean Karnazes)
    Chapter 14: Run Under Control
    Chapter 15: Run Wild (Lorrain Moller)
    Chapter 16: Rest (Marshall Ulrich)
    Chapter 17: Run Alone
    Chapter 18: Run Together (Bill Rodgers)
    Chapter 19: Join a Club
    Chapter 20: Volunteer (Allan Steinfeld)
    Chapter 21: Spectate
    Chapter 22: Study Runners and Running (Roger Robinson)
    Chapter 23: Teach Others to Run
    Chapter 24: Start Over

    About the Author

    Rich Benyo is a longtime runner who over the past 30-some years has competed in distance races from 400 meters to ultramarathons and has completed 37 marathons. Named Journalist of the Year by the Road Runners Club of America, he is the former executive editor of Runner’s World Magazine and Anderson World Books, Inc., and is currently the editor of Marathon & Beyond magazine. He has written 22 books on running, health, and fitness, including Running Past 50 and Running Encyclopedia.

    Benyo was inducted into Running USA’s Hall of Champions in 2005, and he currently resides in Forestville, California, where he enjoys sailing when he is not running or writing.

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