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XI Commandments of Marathoning

In the days of the First Running Boom, newbies were eager to learn the Rules of the Road when it came to running and especially marathoning. There was no Internet in those days, so new runners learned at the smelly feet of veteran runners. Where to line up at the start of a race; how much mileage per week is most effective; what to eat the night before a big race, etc. Today runners are so overloaded with information in all phases of their existence, that it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to running and racing. In this presentation we discussed 11 blind alleys down which no marathoner should run. Primarily keyed to new marathoners.

Hosted in conjunction with the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon.

There are no continuing education credits attached to this webinar.

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Richard Benyo is the editor of Marathon & Beyond Magazine and is the author of Timeless Running Wisdom. He was editor of Runner’s World between 1977 and 1984. He has written two dozen books, many of them in the areas of fitness, health, and running. He is chairman of the board of the Napa Valley Marathon and along with his running partner, Tom Crawford, was the first runner to run from Badwater in Death Valley (lowest point in the Western Hemisphere and hottest place on Earth) to the peak of Mt. Whitney (at 14,494’ the highest peak in the Lower 48) and back, in the middle of summer--the course is nearly 300 miles, and both ends of it are located in the same county (Inyo) in California. Benyo has recently had three books published on the topic of growing up in the Coal Region of central-eastern region of Pennsylvania.