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Women and Sport

Women and Sport

Continuing a Journey of Liberation and Celebration

$118.95 CAD


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    Women and Sport: Continuing a Journey of Liberation and Celebration focuses on women winning access to the playing field as well as the front office in sport. Readers will gain an understanding of how women have been involved in sport and physical activity, how they have struggled for widespread recognition and legitimacy in the eyes of many, and how they continue to carve out their role in shaping sport as we know it today and as it will be in the future.

    Edited by renowned expert Ellen J. Staurowsky, widely accepted as an authority on college athlete rights and Title IX and gender equity, Women and Sport facilitates interdisciplinary, research-based discussion by providing a detailed account of contributions from women in sport. The text features a foreword by sport executive Donna Orender and 15 chapters—written by leading authorities in women and gender studies in sport—that are grouped into four parts:

    • Women’s Sport in Context: Connecting Past and Present reminds readers of the historical events and influences that shape today’s landscape.

    • Strong Girls, Strong Women recognizes gender differences and what it means to create equitable access to sport opportunities.

    • Women, Sport, and Social Location explores how various characteristics and qualities may affect sport participation and opportunities.

    • Women in the Sport Industry offers a rare and contemporary approach to examining women in sport leadership, management, and media.

    Women and Sport was developed with the intent of filling a need by serving as a primary textbook and separates itself from other titles by providing an abundance of instructor ancillary materials that assist in class preparations. Pedagogical aids such as objectives, glossary terms, discussion questions, and learning activities in each chapter facilitate student understanding of the material covered. Sidebars throughout the text enable the contributors to provide thought-provoking content on topics such as media coverage of female athletes, how female athletes are used in marketing campaigns, and whether athletic competitions should continue to be segregated by sex. Readers will discover the impact of these topics in many areas of society, from biomedical to psychosocial and historical.

    Through its engaging content, Women and Sport: Continuing a Journey of Liberation and Celebration serves as a launching pad for discussions that will shape society’s ongoing conversation about what it means to be a female athlete or a woman working in sport. It is an ideal textbook for adoption in interdisciplinary courses that focus on women and gender studies in sport.


    Textbook for undergraduate students in women and sport or gender and sport courses; supplemental text for courses in the disciplines of sport administration, sport history, sport management, sport sociology, sport studies, women’s studies, and kinesiology. Reference for professionals and scholars interested in researching interdisciplinary issues concerning women and gender in sport.

    Part I Women’s Sport in Context: Connecting Past and Present

    Chapter 1. Women’s Sport Through the Lens of History

    Ellen J. Staurowsky, EdD

    Women’s Education in the Late 1800s

    Female Complaints and the Suspect Science of Female Weakness

    Women’s Physical Education and the Fair but Weaker Sex

    Learning Aids

    Chapter 2. Title IX and Beyond: The Impact of the Civil Rights and Women’s Movements on Women’s Sport

    Ellen J. Staurowsky, EdD

    The Story Behind Title IX

    A Brief Overview of Title IX’s Legislative History

    Growth in Athletic Programs Since Title IX

    What Every Citizen Should Know About Title IX

    The Future of Title IX

    Learning Aids

    Chapter 3. Women’s Sport in the 21st Century

    Ellen J. Staurowsky, EdD

    Sport Involvement for Women and Girls: Changes in Baseline Data

    The Concept of the Female Athlete Paradox

    Paradox of the Female Athlete Warrior

    Paradox of the Strong Female Athlete Who Feels the Need to Apologize for Being Strong

    Paradox of Femininity and Muscularity

    Transcending the Paradox: The Female Athlete Who Is Unapologetic

    Separate But Equal: Does It Remove or Reinforce the Paradoxes That Affect Female Athletes?

    Learning Aids

    Part II Strong Girls, Strong Women

    Chapter 4. Benefits and Risks of Sport Participation by Women and Girls

    Ellen J. Staurowsky, EdD

    Educational Attainment and Sport Participation

    Physical Health Benefits of Female Sport Participation

    Female Athletes, Mental Toughness, and Depression

    Female Athletes and Substance Use and Abuse

    Sexual Risk Prevention and the Female Athlete

    Female Athlete Triad: Disordered Eating, Amenorrhea, and Bone Health

    Female Athletes and Injuries

    Learning Aids

    Chapter 5. Physiology and the Female Athlete: Is Biology Destiny?

    Katie Sell, PhD, and Sharon Phillips, PhD

    Prepubescent Training Differences in Boys and Girls

    Differences in Pubescent Fitness Development for Boys and Girls

    Impact of Early Maturation on Athletic Performance

    Menstruation and Athletic Performance

    Post-Pubertal Physiological Differences and Performance Variability

    Training Implications for Female Athletes

    Physiological Differences and Injury Risk

    Women, the Media, and Perception

    Learning Aids

    Part III Women, Sport, and Social Location

    Chapter 6. Experiences of Female Athletes of Color

    Jacqueline McDowell, PhD, and Akilah Carter-Francique, PhD

    Living on the Margins: Women of Color

    Sporting Experiences of Women of Color in the United States

    Creating Positive Sporting Experiences for Women of Color

    Learning Aids

    Chapter 7. Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Inclusion and Prejudice in Sport

    Vikki Krane, PhD

    Transgender Youth Sport Participants

    Post-Pubescent and Adult Transgender Athletes

    Sexual Orientation and Women’s Sport

    Consequences of Heteronormativity, Homonegativism, and Transnegativism

    Accepting and Affirming Sport Climates

    Learning Aids

    Chapter 8. Women’s Sport and Aging

    Ellen J. Staurowsky, EdD

    Women, Aging, and U.S. Sport Participation Trends

    Culture, Aging, and the Older Woman

    Competitive Sport Opportunities for Older Women

    Benefits of Sports Participation for Older Women

    Successful Aging Through Continued Sport Participation

    Barriers to Older Women’s Sport Participation

    Learning Aids

    Chapter 9. Women With Disabilities in Sport

    Mary A. Hums, PhD

    History of Sport for People With Disabilities

    Participation of Female Athletes With Disabilities

    Legal System as an Access Tool

    Women as Leaders in Sport for People with Disabilities

    The Future for Girls and Women With Disabilities in Sport

    Learning Aids

    Chapter 10. Women, Sport, and Sexual Violence

    Ellen J. Staurowsky, EdD

    Prevalence of the Sexual Victimization of Girls and Women in Sport

    The Blurring of Boundaries in Coach–Athlete Relationships

    Legal Avenues

    Education and Prevention Programs

    Learning Aids

    Part IV Women in the Sport Industry

    Chapter 11. Women, Media, and Sport

    Marie Hardin, PhD, and Dunja Antunovic, PhD

    History of Women in Sports Media

    Challenges for Women in Sports Media

    Parallels: Women Covering, Women Competing

    Female Athletes and the Media

    Learning Aids

    Chapter 12. Female Leaders in Corporate Sport

    Ellen J. Staurowsky, EdD, and Maureen Smith, PhD

    Mapping Gender and the Sport Workplace

    Explanations for the Scarcity of Women Working in Corporate Sport

    Importance of Stories About Female Executives in Sport

    Learning Aids

    Chapter 13. Female Leaders in High School and College Sport Workplaces

    Ellen J. Staurowsky, EdD

    Gendered Nature of High School and College Sport Workplace Settings

    Jobs for Women in School-Based Sport Settings

    Women’s Representation in High School and College Sport Workplaces

    Hiring, Retention, and Advancement of Women in School Sport Workplaces

    The Future For Women in High School and College Sport Workplaces

    Learning Aids

    Chapter 14. Merchandising and Marketing Women’s Sports

    Corinne Farneti, PhD

    Women as Consumers and Fans

    Merchandising and Sporting Goods Targeted to Female Consumers

    Approaches to Women’s Sport Marketing

    Efforts to Market Women’s Sport

    Sport Marketing Tactics

    Missed Opportunities to Market Women’s Sport

    Learning Aids

    Chapter 15. Influence of Religion and Politics on Women’s Sport

    Carole Oglesby, PhD

    Religion, Tradition, and Power Positions for Women in Sport Governance

    Transformation of Gender Politics in Sport

    Know the System

    Principles and Mission of the Olympic Movement

    Women’s Progressing Influence Outside and Inside Sport

    Learning Aids

    Epilogue: Glimpsing the Future for Girls and Women in Sport

    Ellen J. Staurowsky, EdD

    Ellen J. Staurowsky, EdD, is a professor in the department of sport management at Drexel University. She is renowned as an authority on the business of college athletics, college student-athlete rights, and Title IX and gender equity. Staurowsky has been featured in numerous national media outlets and served as an expert witness in the historic antitrust case O’Bannon v. NCAA. Staurowsky draws from more than 30 years of experience as both a practitioner and scholar, having served as a collegiate athletic director at multiple colleges as well as a coach at the collegiate level of field hockey, women’s lacrosse, and men’s soccer. Before her appointment at Drexel in 2011, she was a professor at Ithaca College, where she worked for nearly two decades. Staurowsky teaches courses in women and sport, gender issues in sport, legal foundations of Title IX, and sociology of sport. She is a member of the College Sport Research Institute advisory board, the Ursinus College Board of Trustees, and various professional organizations, having previously served as president of the National American Society for the Sociology of Sport. She is coauthor of College Athletes for Hire: The Evolution and Legacy of the NCAA Amateur Myth.

    All ancillaries are free to adopting instructors through HKPropel

    Instructor guide. Includes a sample syllabus, discussion questions, and learning activities to assist in lecture preparation.

    Test package. Includes questions for each chapter in true-or-false, multiple-choice, essay, and short-answer formats.

    Presentation package. Includes PowerPoint slides that can be used in classroom lectures or printed to be distributed as handouts. Slides can be rearranged, edited, and incorporated into other presentations as well as searched for content based on key words.