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Tennis Drill Book-2nd Edition, The

Tennis Drill Book-2nd Edition, The

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    The world’s best tennis drill book returns—bigger, better, and more comprehensive than ever. Building on the strengths of the popular first edition, this second edition of The Tennis Drill Book includes more drills, expert instruction, advice, and analysis for today’s players and coaches.

    The Tennis Drill Book is your complete collection of drills, games, and tips for improving stroke technique, match strategy, and everything in between. Inside you will find
    • progressive technique drills for mastering every stroke and shot combination;
    • tactics drills for winning with aggressive or defensive strategies in every game situation;
    • mental training drills for staying focused when the pressure is on;
    • warm-up, cool-down, and conditioning drills for increasing speed, agility, and endurance; and
    • game-based drills that simulate singles and doubles match play.
    With insights, recommendations, and performance tips from teaching pro and former WTA player Tina Hoskins-Burney and veteran coach Lex Carrington (coach to Vera Zvonareva), The Tennis Drill Book is an essential reference that belongs in every tennis library.

    Table of Contents

    Drill Finder
    Key to Diagrams

    Part I Strokes and Techniques
    Chapter 1 Grips
    Chapter 2 Groundstrokes
    Chapter 3 Volleys
    Chapter 4 Serves and Returns
    Chapter 5 Lobs and Overheads

    Part II Tactics and Strategy
    Chapter 6 Offensive Play
    Chapter 7 Defensive Play
    Chapter 8 Equalizing Game Styles
    Chapter 9 Strategic Game Planning
    Chapter 10 Court Surface Tactics
    Chapter 11 Mental Mechanics

    Part III Competition and Match Play
    Chapter 12 Singles Games
    Chapter 13 Doubles and Multi-Player Games
    Chapter 14 Match Simulation Games

    Part IV Court Movement and Conditioning
    Chapter 15 Endurance Training
    Chapter 16 In-Season Maintenance

    Part V Competitive Group Games
    Chapter 17 Teaching Group Games
    Chapter 18 Backboard Drills

    About the Authors