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Studying Dance PDF With Web Resource

Studying Dance PDF With Web Resource

$43.95 CAD
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    Studying Dance: A Guide for Campus and Beyond is a comprehensive bridge for students transitioning into the first year of a college dance program. Through this text, students will understand dance in new and exciting ways, embrace it as an academic discipline, navigate and take charge of their dance education, and visualize potential careers after graduation.

    Studying Dance: A Guide for Campus and Beyond opens students’ eyes to all the artistic, cultural, and educational aspects of dance. By expanding their thinking, students will move to a deeper understanding of themselves as dancers and the world around them.

    The author demystifies the entire first-year experience while guiding students in the discovery of dance as a multifaceted discipline. Students will examine academic expectations, time management, the importance of staying focused, and balancing school and life. They will delve into the various areas of dance and a range of careers and paths available to them. They will learn the differences in types of college dance courses, the approaches used, and how to personalize their dance education through individualized instructional opportunities and peer collaboration. The text also will prompt students to visualize and plan their dance lives beyond campus so they can set clear goals for studying and succeeding as young professionals.

    Studying Dance: A Guide for Campus and Beyond contains many student-friendly features:

    • 15 easy-to-digest chapters provide the rules of the road that lead to a successful freshman year and future career

    • 49 interviews with current dance students, recent graduates, and dance professionals encourage students to reflect on and take charge of their learning

    • Web resource with learning activities, glossary lists, web links, and other tools personalize each student’s journey through the content

    With this text, teachers can help students expand their thinking about dance in ways that will lead to success on campus and beyond.

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Your Dance Education Journey

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Your Dance Studies

    Learning Outcomes

    Assessing Your Current Dance Understanding

    Studying Dance on Campus

    Future Applications

    Connecting Your Past, Present, and Future Dance Experiences


    Learning Aids

    Chapter 2: Getting to Know Your Campus

    Learning Outcomes

    Types of Campuses

    Types of Degrees

    Resources at Your Fingertips

    Get Involved

    Filling the Dance Studio


    Learning Aids

    Chapter 3: Dance as an Academic Discipline

    Learning Outcomes

    Depth and Breadth of your Campus Dance Education

    Roles of Writing, Technology, and Research

    Personalizing Your Study of Dance as an Academic Discipline


    Learning Aids

    Chapter 4: Success Strategies

    Learning Outcomes

    Student Responsibilities and Contributions

    Differences Between High School and College Learning

    Managing Your Life

    Personal Strategies for Success


    Learning Aids

    Part II: Dance as a Discipline

    Chapter 5: Dance and Artistry

    Learning Outcomes

    Dance Genres

    Artistic Roles and Careers in Dance

    Performance Opportunities

    Current Trends in Dance and the Arts

    Taking the Stage


    Learning Aids

    Chapter 6: Dance and Culture

    Learning Outcomes

    Linking Dance and Culture

    Cultural Categories of Dance

    Valuing Diversity

    Examining Relationships Between Dance and Culture

    Careers in Dance and Culture

    Contemporary Trends

    Your Exploration of Dance and Culture


    Learning Aids

    Chapter 7: Dance and Education

    Learning Outcomes

    Educational Nature of Dance

    Learning Theories and Dance Learning

    Careers in Dance Education

    Dance Education Sectors

    Contemporary Trends

    Your Growth in Dance Education


    Learning Aids

    Chapter 8: Dance as a Multifaceted Discipline

    Learning Outcomes

    Dance and Other Arts

    Dance and Community Arts Practices

    Dance and Ability

    Dance and Bodies

    Dance and Writing

    Embracing Dance as a Multifaceted Discipline


    Learning Aids

    Chapter 9: Dance and Reflection

    Learning Outcomes

    Reflective Practices

    Purpose of Reflection in Dance

    Developing a Personal Reflective Practice


    Learning Aids

    Part III: Dance on Campus

    Chapter 10: Technique and Movement Courses

    Learning Outcomes

    Types of Technique and Movement Courses

    Approaches to Technique and Movement Courses

    Feedback in Technique and Movement Courses

    Technique and Movement Courses Off Campus

    Your Approach to Technique and Movement Courses


    Learning Aids

    Chapter 11: Creative, Compositional, and Performance Courses

    Learning Outcomes

    Types of Creative, Compositional, and Performance Courses

    Approaches to Creative, Compositional, and Performance Courses

    Feedback in Creative, Compositional, and Performance Courses

    Additional Creative, Compositional, and Performance Opportunities

    Your Approach to Creative, Compositional, and Performance Courses


    Learning Aids

    Chapter 12: Contextual Courses

    Learning Outcomes

    Types of Contextual Courses

    Approaches to Contextual Courses

    Feedback in Contextual Courses

    Additional Opportunities to Expand Your Contextual Knowledge

    Your Approach to Contextual Courses


    Learning Aids

    Chapter 13: Personalizing Your Campus Dance Education

    Learning Outcomes

    Opportunities for Individualized Instruction

    Collaborating With Your Peers

    Acquiring Practical Skills and Tools

    Building Your Bridge


    Learning Aids

    Part IV: Your Dance Future

    Chapter 14: Sustaining Your Engagement With Dance

    Learning Outcomes

    Meeting the Demands of a Career in Dance

    Preparing for Your Postgraduation Life

    Drafting a Plan and Creating Habits


    Learning Aids

    Chapter 15: Glimpsing Your Future in Dance

    Learning Outcomes

    Your Dance Journey

    Mapping Your Dance Future


    Learning Aids

    About the Author

    Karen Schupp is an assistant professor of dance in the Herberger Institute School of Film, Dance and Theatre at Arizona State University. Her creative work includes self-portraiture, interdisciplinary dances, and conceptual works for nondancers and has been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the State of Arizona, and the United States Artist Project. Her scholarly research, which has been published in multiple journals, addresses innovative pedagogical practices and curricula in postsecondary dance education. She holds a master of fine arts in dance from Arizona State University and a bachelor of arts in dance from the State University of New York at Buffalo.


    A web resource is available to personalize your journey through the book. There you will find review questions, learning activities, glossary lists, and web links. The web resource is available at