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Sports Injuries-3rd Edition

Sports Injuries-3rd Edition

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    Thoroughly updated and improved, Sports Injuries: Their Prevention and Treatment, Third Edition, remains an essential handbook for athletic trainers, physical therapists, and physicians.

    Written by two eminent orthopedic surgeons, the book addresses
    • acute treatment of athletic injuries,
    • the biomechanics of sports injuries,
    • preventive measures,
    • methods of treatment,
    • sports injuries by specific area,
    • injuries during specialized activities,
    • risks to children and adolescents, and
    • training of different parts of the body.

    The clarity of the artwork that made the previous editions of this book so helpful has been maintained. Each of the chapters opens with a series of photographs illustrating the part of the body that will be examined in detail, with page references to where specific injuries are discussed. The authors also point out relevant anatomical features in MRI and CT images to better explain how to interpret them. A chapter on rehabilitative exercises and protocols also contains helpful diagrams.

    Examples of injuries are drawn from the full range of international sports, from team games to recreational pursuits.

    With superb color photographs and medical images, specially commissioned full-color diagrams, and an extensive glossary, this comprehensive text is indispensable to all those involved in sport.


    Text and reference for sports medicine specialists, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, physiotherapists, and athletic trainers.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. General principles
    Chapter 2. Injuries to the musculoskeletal system
    Chapter 3. Mechanism and etiology of injuries
    Chapter 4. Protective equipment
    Chapter 5. Principles of treatment
    Chapter 6. Shoulder and upper arm
    Chapter 7. Elbow
    Chapter 8. Forearm, wrist, and hand
    Chapter 9. Back
    Chapter 10. Groin and thigh
    Chapter 11. Knee
    Chapter 12. Lower leg
    Chapter 13. Ankle
    Chapter 14. Foot
    Chapter 15. Head and trunk
    Chapter 16. Children and adolescents
    Chapter 17. Environmental problems
    Chapter 18. Specialized activities
    Chapter 19. General risk factors
    Chapter 20. Training and exercising
    Chapter 21. Rehabilitation


    "This book can be recommended for any physiotherapist starting to get involved with the treatment of injured sportsmen and should find a place in the library of every sports clinic."
    Physiotherapy (review from previous edition)


    All ancillary materials for this text are FREE to course adopters.

    Graphics Package
    New to this edition of Sport Injuries: Their Prevention and Treatment is a supplemental CD-ROM that contains much of the outstanding artwork from the text.

    Readers of the previous editions have enjoyed the excellent quality of the images and their usefulness in illustrating anatomical concepts. This new CD of selected illustrations from the book will provide a further visual resource for sports medicine specialists.

    The CD contains 332 illustrations and 190 photographs. The convenient CD-ROM format allows users to incorporate the images in PowerPoint presentations.