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Sport in America, Volume II

Sport in America, Volume II

From Colonial Leisure to Celebrity Figures and Globalization

$95.95 CAD


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    Sport in America: From Colonial Leisure to Celebrity Figures and Globalization, Volume II, presents 18 thought-provoking essays focusing on the changes and patterns in American sport during six distinct eras over the past 400 years. The selections are entirely different from those in the first volume, discussing diverse topics such as views of sport in the Puritan society of colonial New England, gender roles and the croquet craze of the 1800s, and the Super Bowl's place in contemporary sport. Each of the six parts includes an introduction to the essays, allowing readers to relate them to the cultural changes and influences of the period. Readers will find essays on well-known topics written by established scholars as well as new approaches and views from recent studies.

    Suitable for use as a stand-alone or supplemental text in undergraduate and graduate sport history courses, Sport in America provides students with opportunities to examine selected sport topics in more depth, realize a greater understanding of sport throughout history, and consider the interrelationships of sport and other societal institutions. Essays are arranged chronologically from the early American period to the present day to provide the proper historical context and offer perspective on changes that have occurred in sport over time. Also, a list of suggested readings provided in each part offers readers the opportunity to expand their thinking on the nature of sport throughout American history.

    Essays on how Pinehurst Golf Course was created, the interconnection between sport and the World War I military experience, and discussion of sport icons such as Joe Louis, Walter Camp, Jackie Robinson, and Cal Ripken Jr. allow readers to explore sport as a reflection of the changing values and norms of society. Sport in America: From Colonial Leisure to Celebrity Figures and Globalization, Volume II, provides students and scholars with perspectives regarding the role of sport at particular moments in American history and gives them an appreciation for the complex intersections of sport with society and culture.


    A primary or supplemental text for undergraduate and graduate students taking courses discussing sport in American history. Also as a reference for libraries, historians, and sport scientists.

    Part I: The Pattern of Sport in Early America, 1607-1776

    Chapter 1: Sober Mirth and Pleasant Poisons: Puritan Ambivalence Toward Leisure and Recreation in Colonial New England

    Bruce C. Daniels

    Chapter 2: Horses and Gentlemen: The Cultural Significance of Gambling Among the Gentry of Virginia

    T. H. Breen

    Part II: Transformation of Sport in a Rapidly Changing Society, 1776-1870

    Chapter 3: Pedestrianism, Billiards, Boxing, and Animal Sports

    Melvin L. Adelman

    Chapter 4: Cheating, Gender Roles, and the Nineteenth-Century Croquet Craze

    Jon Sterngass

    Chapter 5: The National Game

    Warren Goldstein

    Part III Sport in the Era of Industrialization and Reform, 1870-1915

    Chapter 6: Sporting Life as Consumption, Fashion, and Display—The Pastimes of the Rich

    Donald J. Mrozek

    Chapter 7: Creating America’s Winter Golfing Mecca at Pinehurst, North Carolina: National Marketing and Local Control

    Larry R. Youngs

    Chapter 8: The Father of American Football

    Michael Oriard

    Part IV: Sport, The Great Depression, and Two World Wars, 1915-1950

    Chapter 9: The World War I American Military Sporting Experience

    S.W. Pope

    Chapter 10: In Sports the Best Man Wins: How Joe Louis Whupped Jim Crow

    Theresa E. Runstedtler

    Chapter 11: Padres on MountOlympus: Los Angeles and the Production of the 1932 Olympic Mega-Event

    Sean Dinces

    Chapter 12: Going to Bat for Jackie Robinson: The Jewish Role in Breaking Baseball’s Color Line

    Stephen H. Norwood and Harold Brackman

    Part V: Sport in the Age of Television, Discord, and Personal Fulfillment, 1950-1985

    Chapter 13: Toil and Trouble: A Parable of Hard Work and Fun

    David W. Zang

    Chapter 14: Victory for Allah: Muhammad Ali, the Nation of Islam, and American Society

    David K. Wiggins

    Chapter 15: The Fight for Title IX

    Pamela Grundy and Susan Shackelford

    Part VI: Sport During the Period of Celebrity and Globalization, 1985-Present

    Chapter 16: Yearning for Yesteryear: Cal Ripken, Jr., The Streak, And the Politics of Nostalgia

    Daniel A. Nathan and Mary G. McDonald

    Chapter 17: Manhood, Memory, and White Men’s Sports in the American South

    Ted Ownby

    Chapter 18: The Whole World Isn’t Watching (But We Thought They Were): The Super Bowl and U.S. Solipsism

    Christopher R. Martin and Jimmie L. Reeves

    About the Editor

    David K. Wiggins, PhD, is director of the School of Recreation, Health and Tourism at GeorgeMasonUniversity in Manassas, Virginia. Since earning his PhD from the University of Maryland in 1979, Wiggins has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in sport history at KansasStateUniversity and GeorgeMasonUniversity.

    Wiggins is an expert on American sport, particularly as it relates to the involvement of black athletes in sport and physical activity. He has written about sport history since 1980 and published 8 books as well as articles in numerous journals, including Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, Journal of Sport History, Canadian Journal of History of Sport, and International Journal of History of Sport. His work has garnered three Research Writing Awards (1983, 1986, and 1999) from the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) and significantly affected subsequent research studies on African American involvement in sport.

    In addition to his memberships in AAHPERD, the AmericanAcademy of Kinesiology and Physical Education, and the North American Society for Sport History, Wiggins has served as president of the AAHPERDHistoryAcademy, editor of the Journal of Sport History, and history section editor for the Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. Wiggins is currently the editor of Quest.

    In his leisure time, Wiggins enjoys reading, playing golf, and walking. He and his wife, Brenda, reside in Fairfax, Virgina, and have two sons, Jordan and Spencer.