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Sport Education Seasons

Sport Education Seasons

$60.95 CAD

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    -Apply a proven system that teaches players how to have meaningful sport experiences

    -Enrich your teaching with multiple instructional strategies

    -Keep prep time to a minimum with ready-to-use lesson plans and reproducibles

    -Make it easy for players to see correct technique and apply what they've learned

    Finally, a resource that offers in-depth, complete seasons and enables you to easily apply the sport education model of teaching and coaching. Sport Education Seasons includes three complete seasons—basketball, soccer, and fitness education—plus a multitude of lesson plans and reproducibles. They will empower you to reach your potential and teach your participants how to perform as players, coaches, referees, and self- and peer evaluators using this proven educational model.

    This book and CD-ROM package includes

    -an instructional guide with step-by-step instructions for easy implementation;

    -68 complete sessions and lessons for three complete seasons—basketball, soccer, and fitness education;

    -more than 150 reproducibles in the book and more than 400 reproducibles on the CD-ROM; and

    -loads of diagrams and drawings to make it easy for teachers and students to see correct technique, follow instructions, and apply the learning.

    You can use the entire seasons as they are or choose lessons to reinforce your existing program. You can integrate the seasons, lessons, or specific material into general physical education, use them for sport-specific electives, or use them in after-school or community-based programs. And you can use the material for players as young as 9 and into adulthood.

    The book includes an instructional guide that provides concise, step-by-step instructions for using the Pedagogical Approach to Sport Education (PASE), which combines instructional strategies to emphasize the most positive educational aspects of sport participation. But this book is more action than talk! It also includes an entire basketball season (25 lesson and practice plans) and introductions to soccer (25 plans) and fitness education seasons (18 plans). These plans are ready to use in real-world school and sport settings. The book's reproducibles include task cards, officials' signals, student coaching plans, score cards, goal-setting sheets, application contests, and numerous other teaching and assessment tools.

    The CD-ROM expands the wealth of materials by providing .pdf files of the complete soccer and fitness education seasons as well as a repeat of the basketball season with more than 400 reproducibles. Throughout the package, tie-ins to fitness education and FITNESSGRAM help ensure the lessons systematically foster health-related fitness in your students and players.

    Sport Education Seasons makes it easy to incorporate authentic and meaningful activities based on the sport education model into your program.


    Reference for middle school, high school, and college physical education teachers; upper-elementary teachers; recreation leaders; coaches; PE or recreation directors and administrators; and PETE faculty and students.

    Table of Contents


    Part I. Learning the Pedagogical Approach to Sport Education (PASE)
    Chapter 1. Introduction to PASE
    Sport Education
    Pedagogical Approach to Sport Education (PASE)

    Chapter 2. Curricular and Instructional Issues in PASE
    PASE Season Planning
    PASE Lesson Planning
    Assessment in PASE
    Behavior Management in PASE
    Organizational Considerations in PASE
    Sequencing of Seasons

    Chapter 3. Setting the PASE: Implementing a Season
    Preparing for Seasons
    A Cross-Sectional Representation of a PASE Season
    PASE Instructional Materials

    Chapter 4. Keeping the PASE: Crossing Curricular Boundaries
    Cross-Curricular Integration

    Part II. Putting PASE Into Practice
    Chapter 5. PASE Fitness Education Season Overview
    PASE Fitness Education Season Syllabus
    PASE Fitness Education Season Block Plan
    PASE Fitness Education Daily Club Points Summary
    PASE Fitness Education Technician's Performance Index

    Chapter 6. PASE Basketball Season
    Section I: Season Overview
    Section II: Lesson Plans

    Chapter 6 Appendix A: Lessons 1 and 21 Instructional Materials
    Fitness Combine Station Task Cards 1-12 (Lessons 1 and 21)
    Skills Combine Station Task Cards 13-20 (Lessons 1 and 21)
    Skills and Fitness Combine Recording Sheet (Lessons 1 and 21)
    Skills and Fitness Combine Draft Composite (Lesson 1)
    Skills and Fitness Combine Draft Selection Form (Lesson 1)

    Chapter 6 Appendix B: Lessons 2-24 Instructional Materials
    Team Roster
    Season Roles and Responsibilities Assignments
    Season Roles and Responsibilities Recording Sheet
    Sports Information Director Sports Report
    Personal and Team Fitness Recording Sheets
    Fitness Activities Sheets—AF, Flx, MF, and S-R
    Basketball Individual and Team Activity Task Card Recording Sheets
    Official's Pocket Reference
    Individual Responsibility Level (IRL) Rubric and Recording Sheet
    Attendance Recording Sheet
    Outside-of-Class Physical Activity Participation Log
    Team Membership Inventory and Fair Play Agreement

    Chapter 6 Appendix C: Lessons 6 and 10 Instructional Materials
    Team Goal-Setting Sheet
    Reflective Journal
    Independent Learning Activity

    Chapter 6 Appendix D: Lessons 15-20 and 22-24 Instructional Materials
    Tournament Role Assignments
    Tournament Statistics Summary Sheet
    Team Tournament Introductions
    Round Robin Tournament Rules
    Postseason Tournament Rules

    Chapter 6 Appendix E: Lessons 22-25 Instructional Materials
    Season Voting Ballot
    Awards Day Itinerary
    Awards Day Acceptance Speech Criteria
    PASE Basketball Season Individual Awards
    PASE Basketball Season Place Finish Awards
    Healthy Refreshments Sign-Up Sheet

    Chapter 7. PASE Soccer Season Overview
    Season Syllabus
    25-Lesson Block Plan
    Daily Team Points Summary
    Official's Signals Index

    About the Authors

    About the Author

    Sean M. Bulger, EdD, is an assistant professor in the School of Physical Education at West Virginia University in Morgantown. Dr. Bulger earned his doctorate in physical education teacher education from West Virginia University in 2004. A member of American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD), the National Association for Sport & Physical Education (NASPE), and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Dr. Bulger has been a health and physical education teacher and an exercise specialist in community and corporate health fitness facilities. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, having earned that certificate from the NSCA in 1992. He has authored many peer-reviewed papers and made numerous presentations in the areas of physical education teacher education and sport education. In his spare time, Dr. Bulger enjoys fitness activities, traveling, and reading.

    Derek J. Mohr, EdD, is an associate professor in the department of health, leisure, and exercise science at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Dr. Mohr has more than a decade of experience in teaching and researching sport education and is a codeveloper of the Pedagogical Approach to Sport Education (PASE) curriculum and instructional model, which is foundational to this book and CD-ROM package. Dr. Mohr has conducted, presented, and published research on the PASE and has implemented the PASE in upper-elementary, middle and high school, and college levels. Dr. Mohr is an outdoor enthusiast whose leisure pursuits include farming Christmas trees, golfing, and camping. Dr. Mohr's greatest pleasure, however, is spending time with his daughter, Sophia, and wife, Maria.

    Richard M. Rairigh, MS, is an instructor in the department of health, exercise, and sports science at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina. He taught elementary physical education for four years, and has worked with the South Carolina Physical Education Assessment Programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. He has conducted research using the PASE materials to validate the modified versions of sport education seasons, and he has presented at several conferences, conventions, and workshops on the PASE and sport education. He has also served as assessment editor for Teaching Elementary Physical Education. In his leisure time, Mr. Rairigh enjoys spending time with his wife, Tracy, and their children, Shelby and Cole, playing golf, and working in his yard or on his house.

    J. Scott Townsend, EdD, is an assistant professor in the department of health, leisure, and exercise science at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. He has published two articles on the topic of PASE in the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, and, along with the other three authors of this book, he wrote a text for the NASPE assessment series titled Assessing Student Outcomes in Sport Education. He spends his spare time running, reading, and golfing.

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