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Social Psychology in Sport-2nd Edition

Social Psychology in Sport-2nd Edition

$166.95 CAD


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    Social Psychology in Sport, Second Edition, offers global perspectives and a broad base of knowledge in areas that shape the social environment of sport. The text guides readers through the interactions, relationships, influences, and perceptions that affect sport performance and the lived experience of sport participation. Athlete relationships with coaches, parents, and peers are examined in depth.

    Editors Louise Davis, Richard Keegan, and Sophia Jowett offer their expert knowledge and diverse perspectives regarding social relationships in competitive sport at every level. Through the contributions of an international group of established scholars, Social Psychology in Sport, Second Edition, explains how the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of sport performers are influenced by the presence of others.

    The second edition offers a broad range of topics, with theoretical, empirical, and applied perspectives of social psychology. Trending topics such as the maltreatment of athletes, parental involvement, and safe sport cultures are addressed. The text also covers established areas of interest such as group dynamics and coach–athlete relationships. Each chapter follows a progression, starting with theory and then moving to current research, future research directions, and suggested practical applications. This chapter structure helps readers to build a foundation of understanding before moving on to application benefits. Chapter objectives and discussion questions are provided to aid in knowledge retention.

    Social Psychology in Sport, Second Edition, explores the growing field of social psychology in sport settings, offering a broad base of knowledge alongside practical application and areas for further research. This text is a comprehensive resource for students and researchers interested in the psychosocial aspects of sport.


    A text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in courses on social psychology of sport. A reference for those working in the wider sport community, including sport coaches and sport psychologists and consultants.
    Part I. Relationships in Sport

    Chapter 1. Quality Coach–Athlete Relationships
    Sophia Jowett and Luke Felton

    Chapter 2. Conflict and Communication in Coach–Athlete Relationships
    Svenja Wachsmuth and Kristen Dieffenbach

    Chapter 3. Applying Attachment Theory to the Study of Relationships in Sport
    Louise Davis and Sam Carr

    Chapter 4. Athlete Maltreatment
    Gretchen Kerr and Erin Willson

    Chapter 5. Parental Involvement in Youth Sport
    Camilla Knight, Christopher Harwood, Olivier Rouquette, and Nicholas Holt

    Part II. Leadership in Sport

    Chapter 6. Foundations of Sport Leadership
    Sebastian Harenberg and Harold A. Riemer

    Chapter 7. Transformational Leadership in Sport
    Jennifer Turnnidge and Adam Kelly

    Chapter 8. The Social Identity Approach to Leadership
    Matthew Slater and Anthony Miller

    Chapter 9. Athlete Leadership
    Todd Loughead, Krista Munroe-Chandler, Katherine Hirsch, and Matthieu Boisvert

    Part III. Motivational Considerations in Sport

    Chapter 10. Empowering and Disempowering Coach-Created Motivational Climates
    Joan Duda, Isabel Balaguer, and Paul Appleton

    Chapter 11. Caring Climates
    Lori Gano-Overway and Mary Fry

    Chapter 12. Need Supportive, Thwarting, and Indifferent Coach Interpersonal Styles
    Nikos Ntoumanis, Eleanor Quested, and Hamsini Sivaramakrishnan

    Chapter 13. Motivational Climate as a Complex Adaptive System
    Richard Keegan and David Smith

    Part IV. Key Social and Cognitive Processes in Sport

    Chapter 14. Influence of Social Support on Athletes
    Chris Hartley and Pete Coffee

    Chapter 15. Efficacy Beliefs Within Relational and Group Contexts in Sport
    Mark R. Beauchamp, Colin Wierts, and Ben Jackson

    Chapter 16. Stress, Coping, and Emotion Regulation in Sport
    Katherine A. Tamminen and Faye F. Didymus

    Chapter 17. Psychosocial Aspects of Mental Health in Sport
    Paul Gorczynski, Cindy Miller-Aron, and Claudia L. Reardon

    Chapter 18. Team Cohesion
    Mark Eys, Shauna Burke, and Mark Beauchamp

    Part V. The Athlete in the Wider Sport Environment

    Chapter 19. Coach Effectiveness in Youth Sport
    Jean Côté, Caroline Hummell, Leisha Strachan, and Jessica Fraser-Thomas

    Chapter 20. Career Transitions of Elite Athletes
    Paul Wylleman, Simon Defruyt, Jolan Kegelaers, Sofie Smismans, and Suzan Blijlevens

    Chapter 21. Creating Safe Cultures in Sport
    Daniel Rhind and Frank Owusu-Sekyere

    Chapter 22. Antecedents and Consequences of Moral Behavior in Sport
    Maria Kavussanu, Ian Boardley, and Nicholas Stanger

    Chapter 23. Resilience in Competitive Sport
    Mustafa Sarkar and Sally Hilton

    Chapter 24. Systems That Promote Thriving in Sport
    Daniel Brown, Michael Passaportis, Christopher Wagstaff, and Rachel Arnold

    Chapter 25. Gender Perspectives
    Nicole LaVoi and Courtney Boucher

    Chapter 26. Talent Development and Performance
    Dave Collins and Jamie Taylor
    Louise Davis, PhD, is an associate professor in sport and exercise psychology in the department of psychology at Umeå University in Sweden. Davis gained her PhD in the School of Sport, Exercise, and Health Sciences at Loughborough University and earned her MSc and BSc degrees from Bangor University in the United Kingdom. Her research revolves around psychosocial, developmental, and environmental factors of elite performance and coaching, with a focus on interpersonal relationships in sport. Davis works closely with the Swedish Sport Federation (Riksidrottsförbundet) and has received extensive funding from the Swedish Research Council for Sport Science (Centrum för idrottsforskning). Davis has published in peer-reviewed international journals and authored chapters in edited books. She frequently presents her work at national and international conferences as well as in workshops for coaches, coach educators, and national sport organizations in Sweden. Davis is also an active reviewer for many scientific journals, including Psychology of Sport and Exercise, International Sport Coaching Journal, Journal of Sports Science, and Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology.

    Richard Keegan, PhD, is an associate professor in sport and exercise psychology at the University of Canberra in Australia. He completed MSc and PhD degrees at Loughborough University before beginning his career at the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom. Keegan’s research focuses on motivational processes in sport and exercise, physical literacy, applied sport psychology practice, and readiness monitoring. He is an associate editor for both Psychology of Sport and Exercise and Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Keegan is a psychologist registered in the United Kingdom (HCPC), in Australia (AHPRA), and through the International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP), where he is a member of the management council. As a practitioner he has worked with athletes across a wide range of levels, from beginners to world champions, and in a range of sports. He has also done officiating as well as supervising and assessing trainee practitioners.

    Sophia Jowett, PhD, is a professor of psychology at Loughborough University. Her research interests revolve around interpersonal relationships in sport and sport coaching. Her research—funded by Economic and Social Research Council, British Academy, Nuffield Foundation, and HSBC—has been published in a range of scientific journals, been presented at conferences, and informed coach development across the world. Examples of practical impact include her work with UK Coaching and UK Sport (Coach Development/Women Coaches Leadership Development Project) and national sport organizations.

    Jowett is on the editorial board of peer-reviewed scientific journals, including International Sport Coaching Journal and Sports Coaching Review. She co-edited a special issue of Psychology of Sport and Exercise on interpersonal relationships as well as a monograph on the psychology of sports coaching. In 2015, she launched a web-based app known as TANDEM—Working Together for Performance Excellence. In 2019 she launched an online educational program known as CARE (Coach–Athlete Relationship Empowerment). Jowett was a psychologist for the Greek team at the 2004 Olympic Games, and she is an associate fellow and chartered psychologist of the British Psychological Society.

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