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    Hone your senses, increase awareness, and learn the techniques that could save your life. Self-Defense: Steps to Survival will teach you to identify danger, avoid assault, and defend yourself and others against attackers in a variety of situations.

    Based on the proven strategies and techniques taught on campuses and in metropolitan areas worldwide, Self-Defense: Steps to Survival is both practical and immediately applicable for men, women, and teens regardless of previous experience. You’ll learn these skills:

    • Assess your surroundings, notice warning signs, and remove yourself from potential harm.
    • Use the power of your own voice to thwart an attack.
    • Recognize warning signs of violence in an intimate relationship.
    • Resist and escape physical and sexual violence by strangers and acquaintances.
    • Free yourself from an assailant’s grasp.
    • Develop an arsenal of strikes, kicks, and defense techniques for countering physical attacks.
    • Defend yourself against weapon attacks and multiple attackers.

    Don’t live in fear! Self-Defense: Steps to Survival will change the way you approach everyday life, giving you the assurance that you’ll be prepared for the unexpected.

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    Table of Contents

    Step 1. Increasing Awareness of Your Surroundings
    Step 2. Defining Your Space
    Step 3. Striking With Hands and Arms
    Step 4. Kicking With Feet and Legs
    Step 5. Breaking Holds
    Step 6. Getting to the Ground Safely
    Step 7. Fighting From the Ground
    Step 8. Avoiding Blows
    Step 9. Escaping Pins
    Step 10. Delivering Knockout Blows
    Step 11. Dealing With Weapon Attacks
    Step 12. Defending Against Multiple Assailants
    Step 13. Continuing Your Training

    About the Author

    Katy Mattingly was the director and lead instructor at Washtenaw Area Model Mugging (WAMM) Self-Defense in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from 1996-2005. She was trained in the IMPACT system of self-defense, which emphasizes physical and emotional realism, full-force practice against padded instructors, and individualized instruction. Mattingly has been teaching realistic and effective self-defense and personal safety for more than 15 years in a variety of venues, including corporations, universities, youth and community centers, and domestic violence shelters. She also is a freelance writer. She may be reached through


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    Instructor Guide
    Includes lecture topics, physical activities, student assignments in both a 20-session and 32-session framework, introductory notes, key points of technique, common errors and solutions, teaching modifications, and skill application, and additional resources such as Web sites, books, DVDs, and videos. Also included are test questions in multiple-choice, true or false, fill-in-the-blank and short answer format, and student evaluation guidelines.