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Running Past 50 PDF

Running Past 50 PDF

$27.95 CAD


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    Many middle aged runners face a common problem: the personal challenge and inner rewards that were once powerful motives driving their running program have faded with time. What started as an invigorating ritual that refreshed the body and spirit has become too familiar and oftentimes monotonous.

    Running Past 50 was written to remedy this problem and restore the fun and meaning to running. Author Rich Benyo-who is editor of Marathon & Beyond, a former executive editor of Runner's World, and a devoted runner himself-shows runners how to reinvent their running so that the years after 50 can be the best in their careers.

    Through an engaging writing style and humorous anecdotes, Benyo helps runners:

    - evaluate their physical condition and mental motivation,
    - set new goals,
    - train more effectively,
    - understand good nutrition and hydration,
    - avoid injuries, and
    - stay motivated.

    Benyo shows seasoned runners how to make adjustments to their running program so that training becomes more effective and satisfying. He discusses physical adjustments that runners can make, including increasing upper- and lower-body strength, using speed training and pacing in workouts, getting proper rest, and working walking into workouts. He also covers the all-important mental aspects of running, inspiring and encouraging runners to push past psychological barriers that hold them back.

    Part I: The Machine
    Chapter 1. Evaluating
    Chapter 2. Goaling

    Part II: The Elements of Training
    Chapter 3. Enduring
    Chapter 4. Strengthening
    Chapter 5. Speeding
    Chapter 6. Resting
    Chapter 7. Pacing
    Chapter 8. Walking

    Part III: The Art and Science of Ingestion
    Chapter 9. Hydrating
    Chapter 10. Fueling
    Chapter 11. Pre-Fueling/Re-Fueling
    Chapter 12. Drugging

    Part IV: Training Alone and Together
    Chapter 13. Sharing
    Chapter 14. Aloning
    Chapter 15. Inspiring

    Part V: The Walking Wounded
    Chapter 16. Avoiding
    Chapter 17. Injuring
    Chapter 18. Recovering
    Chapter 19. Crashing (Burnout)
    Chapter 20. Simplifying

    Part VI: Head Games
    Chapter 21. Reverting
    Chapter 22. Reinventing
    Chapter 23. Reversing
    Chapter 24. Imagining
    Chapter 25. Pioneering

    Richard Benyo is the editor of Marathon & Beyond and race director of the Sutter Home Napa Valley Marathon. He's also a serious long-distance runner who over the past 20 years has competed in practically every type of running event imaginable-from 400-meter runs to ultramarathons. This veteran of more than 35 marathons became the first person, along with Tom Crawford, to run from Death Valley to the peak of Mount Whitney and back in midsummer-a distance of 300 miles.

    Rich was the executive editor of Runner's World during the height of the running boom, from 1977 to 1984, and the fitness and running columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle from 1985 to 1990. He is the author of Masters of the Marathon, The Exercise Fix, and Making the Marathon Your Event. A member of the Road Runners Club of America, Rich currently lives in Forestville, CA, with his wife Rhonda Provost.

    "Runners are turning 50 in incredible numbers. Rich Benyo has gone ahead as a sort of aerobic scout to share with the rest of us what to expect: the joys to be celebrated, the pitfalls to be avoided, the challenges to be embraced. But Running Past 50 isn't only for the new 50-year-old runner; it's also a very readable guidebook for those who've long since taken up residence in the second half of their century of fitness."
    Kathrine Switzer
    Director, Avon Running Global Women's Circuit
    Winner of 1974 New York City Marathon

    "Rich Benyo has done his usual job of covering the constantly challenging area of aging. A very informative book."
    Jeff Galloway
    Author of Galloway's Book on Running