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Racquetball PDF

Racquetball PDF

$26.95 CAD

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    More than 46,000 people used the original Racquetball: Steps to Success to improve their games. Now the 5.5 million current players can do the same with this all-new version. Part of the highly successful Steps to Success Sports series—with more than 1.5 million copies sold—Racquetball: Steps to Success features the series’ trademark step-by-step progression, both within each chapter and throughout the book.

    Comprehensive coverage of the sport begins by teaching more than 35 shots, a 50% increase from the previous version. Instruction on a variety of serves, serve returns, and front-wall, side-wall, ceiling, and back-wall shots will prepare players technically for the chapters on court positioning, shot selection, strategy, and game management. More than 80 drills are included that have been updated to reflect current trends in the game and feature a scoring system to gauge a player’s progress.

    In Racquetball: Steps to Success, clear, expert advice from a 12-time collegiate-level championship coach is matched with abundant photos, illustrations, and drills, making readers more proficient in all aspects of the sport.

    Table of Contents

    Step 1. Forehand
    Step 2. Backhand
    Step 3. Serve
    Step 4. Return of Serve
    Step 5. Front-Wall Shots
    Step 6. Side-Wall Shots
    Step 7. Ceiling Shots
    Step 8. Back-Wall Shots
    Step 9. Court Positioning
    Step 10. Shot Selection
    Step 11. Game Management
    Step 12. Doubles, Cutthroat, and Outdoor Court Games


    About the Author

    Dennis Fisher is head coach of the Brigham Young University racquetball team, which has won four combined-team and eight women’s-team national collegiate championships during his tenure. He is a certified level II coach through the American Professional Racquetball Organization (AmPRO)/International Professional Racquetball Organization (IPRO), an AmPRO/IPRO professional instructor, a United States Racquet Stringers Association racquet technician, and a Wilson racquet technician. In 1999, the U.S. Racquetball Association (USAR) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) named Fisher Developmental Coach of the Year; in 2006, he was named Volunteer Coach of the Year for racquetball. He is a member of Wilson’s Racquetball Advisory Staff and past chairman of the USRA Intercollegiate Council. Fisher also has a company that specializes in coaching, training, and instructing racquetball at all levels. He has played racquetball for almost 40 years, competing at the open level nationally and internationally. In his spare time, Fisher likes to cycle, fly fish, snow ski, snowboard, and guide canyoneering trips.


    "This step-by-step guide to learning the game gives players, coaches, and instructors the fundamentals necessary not only to learn the game but also to excel at higher levels."
    Chris Evon
    Indoor Racquet Sports

    "Dennis Fisher understands the strengths and weaknesses of the game and has created a strategy to maximize a player's potential. Racquetball: Steps to Success will develop anyone's game, at any level, at any age."
    Derek "Big D" Robinson
    World Champion
    U.S. National Champion