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Practical Nutrition for Sports Medicine and Fitness Professionals PDF

Practical Nutrition for Sports Medicine and Fitness Professionals PDF

$26.95 CAD


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    Practical Nutrition for Sports Medicine and Fitness Professionals concentrates on the use of regular dietary means of improving performance nutrition. This e-book arms sports medicine and fitness professionals with the knowledge to help clients achieve their goals through proper nutrition. Readers will learn to navigate the USDA’s MyPlate recommendations, interpret food labels, answer questions regarding weight loss, and distinguish fact from fiction regarding sport nutrition claims.

    Practical Nutrition for Sports Medicine and Fitness Professionals covers guidelines on intake of calories, carbohydrate, protein, fat, and hydration for active individuals. It also covers meal planning and the sport drinks, bars, gels, and supplements available in today’s market. The e-book concludes with recommendations for educating, screening, and referring clients, guided by an understanding of the practitioner’s scope of practice.

    This e-book is available with an online course component!

    Working in tandem with the e-book Practical Nutrition for Sports Medicine and Fitness Professionals, this course provides the ideal resource for any fitness professional looking to use nutrition as a tool to help clients perform better.

    In this online course, developer Lisa Burgoon, a registered dietitian and board- certified specialist in sport dietetics, presents practical advice on sport nutrition for athletic trainers, physical therapists, and other fitness professionals who work with athletes, coaches, parents, and fitness clients. Course activities guide participants through practical applications of corresponding information included in the companion text. Embedded links and tools direct participants to online resources that will keep them abreast of changes in dietary regulations and help them educate their clients. Participants also will analyze the diets of several virtual clients and use research-based information to recommend changes in nutrition—including changes related to dietary supplements.

    The online course will be available in October 2012. Please check back for information on how to order the course and e-book package.

    Part I. Nutrition Standards, Patterns, and Trends for Sport Performance

    Chapter 1. Nutrition Standards and Guidelines

    Chapter 2. Dietary Patterns for Macronutrients, Micronutrients, and Fluid Intake

    Part II. Practical Guidelines for Food and Fluid Choices

    Chapter 3. Meal Planning

    Chapter 4. Sport Beverages, Bars, and Gels: How Do You Choose?

    Chapter 5. Dietary Supplements

    Part III. Professional Practice

    Chapter 6. Scope of Practice

    Chapter 7. Nutrition Screening, Assessment, and the Referral Process