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Pickleball First Steps epub

Pickleball First Steps epub

$26.95 CAD


Product Format
    Pickleball First Steps will help elementary and middle school physical educators and pickleball instructors working at clubs, camps, and park and recreation departments introduce this irresistible sport to students. This ebook offers a detailed curriculum for teaching children in grades 4 through 8 (ages 8-14). Written by two pickleball experts who are veteran physical educators, the lesson plans are sequenced to help kids move from beginner level to being able to play—and enjoy—this fun sport.

    Pickleball First Steps will help teachers and instructors do the following:
    • Understand the content and how to most effectively teach it
    • Incorporate the lesson plans into an existing curriculum
    • Adapt teaching methods to be developmentally appropriate for the ages and skill levels they are working with
    • Make learning fun for the kids with numerous games
    • Create excitement to play this sport
    Pickleball First Steps is endorsed by the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association, the worldwide leader in preparing instructors to teach this lifetime sport. The contents are aligned to SHAPE America’s physical education standards, and the content and lesson plans have been tested and shaped by the two authors, who work with a wide range of children. The ebook contains 85 photos and 15 illustrations to help teachers prepare for, and carry out, their instruction.

    The ebook is organized into two sections, with the first section covering topics about how to teach this sport to young people. The second section offers 10 lessons that focus on the rules, tactics, and skills of pickleball, such as the dink, the drop shot, the serve, ground strokes, and more. The book also provides many engaging and instructional lead-up games to introduce the kids to the sport and the skills involved.

    Schools, clubs, camps, park and recreation departments, and other organizations will benefit from purchasing Pickleball First Steps—the first step to offering solid and engaging instruction for a lifetime sport that is safe, gets participants moving, and helps them enjoy being physically active.



    Ebook for (1) elementary and middle school physical educators and (2) pickleball instructors at clubs, camps, park and recreation departments, and similar organizations.
    About Pictona Prime
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    Part I. Preparing to Teach
    Universal Design
    National Physical Education Standards
    How to Use the Lesson Plans
    Using Mastery Boards
    Safety First
    Principles of Teaching and Learning

    Part II. Lesson Plans
    Lesson 1. How the Game Is Played
    Lesson 2. Paddle and Ball Handling
    Lesson 3. The Dink
    Lesson 4. The Drop Shot
    Lesson 5. The Serve
    Lesson 6. Ground Strokes
    Lesson 7. Return of Serve
    Lesson 8. The Volley and Block
    Lesson 9. Game Tactics
    Lesson 10. Game Progressions

    Appendix A. Mastery Boards
    Appendix B. Lessons in Brief

    Lu Ann Kandt, a longtime physical educator in Florida, is the instructional program director for Pictona, a pickleball club in Holly Hill, Florida. She coordinates pickleball courses and clinics and has conducted numerous workshops to prepare physical educators to teach pickleball. She has been a PGA golf professional for 20 years, specializing in private, group, and junior instruction.

    Mary Burns taught elementary school physical education in Edmond, Oklahoma, for 24 years and has been playing pickleball competitively for the last 8 years. She has a master of education degree in sports administration from East Central University and a bachelor of science degree in education from Bowling Green State University.

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